NATO´s Secret Terrorist Armies.

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After reading this post from ‘NSBNC’, please ask yourselves “what is going on here?”

NATO have become War Criminals, no small country (that includes large countries with small populations, like Australia) is safe from outside take-over. Whether by violence, if opposed, or by controlled acquiesence by a leader devoid of morals and responsibility. Whether by financial indebtedness, subterfuge (eg., ‘climate change’), or incompetent leadership. The end result appears to be the same.

Individual countries are losing their sovereign status and their independence. Ironically, even the USA, a pawn in the game, provides much of the muscle and  ‘monopoly money’, not to mention the ‘cannon fodder’, yet it is being systematically destroyed by the world control movement.

Only China and Russia have the ability to dampen this madness. It is sincerely hoped that the ‘dampening’ does not require the insanity of a third world war.

World government take-over is in progress. Believe it or not!

As the post points out, NATO is the enemy, not the freedom fighter it may have once been.

For many decent citizens of NATO – member states it is difficult to believe that NATO would use secret armies and terrorist networks that would inflict terror attacks on innocent people of other nations. Human being being generally kindhearted, it is even more difficult to believe that these terrorist groups would be used against their own populations and if independent media publicize it, it is easily rejected as “conspiracy theory”.

Please do watch the BBC produced movie below, and keep in mind, that that which once was Operation Gladio is :

a) still existing today.

b) has been expanded with so called “Islamic Extremists” like Al Qaeda, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, now called Tripoli Military Counsel, insurgents inside Syria, so called Chechnyan Freedom Fighters, and secretly financed, armed trained and deployed terrorist armies throughout all continents.

c) that unless decent people like you rise and speak truth to power, you and others are likely to become one of mal-placed powers new victims. Worse than this, lack of speaking truth to power, and lack of taking action, in a situation where a global conflict has never been as imminent as it is today, may be failure to live up to your responsibility to save humanity from a war, which consequences no one dares to imagine. Think about the unimaginable consequences anyways. Then ask yourself, if you want to stand idly by, while people, who are criminally insane, deprive you, your children, your grandchildren, and humanity of their future.

Warmest regards.

Christof Lehmann

For the original article and its video, click here.

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