Vocation timeline

Trying hard to remember exact years in some cases but close enough.

All eras to be separately documented on other pages.

1960 – 1977. Government Aircraft Factories, (Australian Department of Defence). Initially Technical Assistant Gr 2 for about 12 months, until last college subject completed part-time. Then Engineer Gr1, later Gr2. Electrical Engineering Dept. on various projects.




1977 – 1979. Business partnership, High Beam Auto Electrical, Collingwood.  Bought into a small developing concern and established a successful business in a new suitable location.

1980 – 1981. Registered K-Mac Electronics and set up home-based auto and marine electrical service business.

1981 – 1985. After part-time working for FIL Mal King, Monotype branch of Dudley E King Linotypers, Anthony St. Melbourne, became full-time employee of Mal King Monotype Pty Ltd., Tullamarine. Various activities – Company Secretary and Accounts, Proof Reader, Type Caster, Proof puller, delivery etc. (Metal smelter and ingot pourer, yuk!). Short time with Alltype, after they purchased MKM due to reduced demand for hot-metal type-setting.

(During the above period, was invited to apply for an engineering position with an aeronautical organization that branched from GAF, responsible for developing a new trainer for the RAAF. The initial offer was not enticing, but later found it was meant to be a better offer. Circumstances deemed this potential change not a preference and proved to be the correct one).

1985 – 1991. Purchased a small marine accessories and self-adhesive letter manufacturing business. ASCO. (Eventually hit by ‘Keatings recession’ “we had to have”). Business sold to ANSCO, a large marine and outdoors wholesaler.

1992 – 1996. Employed by ANSCO as sales person and representative, catalogue production and still supplying self-adhesive letters for boat registrations and trailer kits.

1996 – 1999. Registered unemployed but continuing low-quantity manufacture of letters and trailer electrical equipment for ANSCO. Successfully completed a business management course  (Centre-Link funded), at Box Hill Technical School.

1999 – 2005. Employed as Technician, Sinclair X-Ray Services, servicing and installing  medical X-Ray equipment. Some industrial food X-Ray services.

2005 – 2010. Registered for old-age pension. Continued to part-time contract for Alex Sinclair and later Briarley X-Ray Services. Also continuing manufacture of self-adhesive letters for ANSCO.

2010 – 2015. Decreasing demand for letters and X-Ray services, increasing reliance on pension.

2015. Cessation of K-Mac manufacturing and contract services. Full retirement!!!


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