Video relating to Planet X – needs checking out!

2 Responses to Video relating to Planet X – needs checking out!

  1. authorthat says:

    The last time these things happened, Moses was leading Israel out of Egypt. Those same things are happening again, obscured and manipulated by the use of HAARP and the electronic cage, combined with the global geoengineering.. The best source in the public realm for the effects of the plasma universe effecting earth, comes from Professor James McCanney. Earthquakes, volcanoes, the death of sea life and animals, are only part of the big picture. If anyone put up a real picture of the death star, it would last about 3 minutes before being taken down. It is this return that all the preparation by the new world disorder is being done, and to no avail.
    This video raises far more questions than I have time or room to answer. Besides, I would need to reference a lot of materials to answer it since I don’t have it all memorized. I need to earn a living too. As to the Zetas, there is no such thing as a good alien. Earth is isolated and under control of the king of the air.

    • Thanks for your comment. As is for you, time and priorities are an issue. So I haven’t yet gone into this topic.
      Nice to have your interest and thoughts.
      Regards, Ken.

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