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Leaving the Church of Environmentalism

This article says all that is necessary for all so-called “climate change” promoters and believers, to jolt themselves into reality. Else, they become the “deniers” themselves, denying valid science! An extract ” “Although I and the many other climate skeptics … Continue reading

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Dr. Andrew Wakefield Conference: Ignite the Truth

From ‘Activist Post‘: By Heather Callaghan Recently, Dr. Andrew Wakefield spoke at a Moms In Charge event to introduce a new documentary about CDC and vaccine whistleblowers and the consequences of repeated disregard. No one knows how better to handle … Continue reading

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Mainstream climate scientist pushes back against Lewandowsky’s ‘seepage’

Two important issues here. We see a credible climate scientist who participates in the IPCC circus making some critical remarks about the lack of scientific integrity in this particular issue of the published surface temperature averages, (strangely accepted as authentic), … Continue reading

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Proof positive that the University of Western Australia is an intolerant organization

Some insight into the Australian University scene. Not all, but too many universities, are following this unjustified, unscientific path because of political and financial pressure or influence. “Consensus Centre”, can you believe this? Is it possible to move further away … Continue reading

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Police Shift Their Line on Australia’s Latest Terrorism ‘Plot’

“Last weekend, federal and state police chiefs claimed to have foiled a bombing, just in time, that would definitely have killed people. “As a result of Victoria Police and Australian Federal Police [AFP] interception, some Victorians are going to be … Continue reading

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Understanding the Exponential Function (Resources and Overpopulation)

A discourse on the talk by Emeritus Professor Al Bartlett – “The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.” Here we find great wisdom, dealing with the fundamental issues facing our planet’s future. … Continue reading

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Exposé Book Reveals Shocking Secrets of the Processed Food Industry

An enlightening experience that everyone would benefit from reading the article and viewing its video. Really important information! By Dr. Mercola You’ve probably heard that avoiding processed foods is one of the keys to staying healthy, but do you understand … Continue reading

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10 Most Radioactive Places on Earth

Originally posted on COTO Report:
By While the 2011 earthquake and worries surrounding Fukushima have brought the threat of radioactivity back into the public consciousness, many people still don’t realize that radioactive contamination is a worldwide danger. Radionuclides are…

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22 Very Inconvenient Climate Truths

This paper is a large, (in bulk and content), contribution to a proper understanding of global climate science. Actual trends, supposedly warming and supposedly doing so because of increasing atmospheric CO2 due to man’s burning of fossil fuels, have not … Continue reading

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TPP and Australia – Beware the Ramifications.

Some of the aspects that concern educated people “in the know”. It is clear that they should concern all citizens, whether or not you currently trust your government to do the right thing by our country and its citizens. Reference … Continue reading

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