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Syria – More Information Relevant to Impending War Crimes Against a Sovereign State.

A compilation of relevant posts from informed sources. I prefer this information rather than from the mainstream media and the agenda-driven Western Leaders. Western logic on Syria: ‘We need to bomb it to save it’ from ‘’ Nile Bowie (LD) … Continue reading

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Letter of the Week

Originally posted on Stop Smart Meters Australia:
Gerhard is offering United Energy lessons in the meaning of some simple English words such as “No”. Have a read of Gerhard’s letter, we are sure you will enjoy! Letter to United Energy

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Syria – Why the situation is extremely important to you!

There is so much to say about this. The importance arises from the possible repercussions globally, of a major world war springing from the insistence of the NATO countries that Syrian sovereign government must be overthrown and, in the words … Continue reading

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“Rudd is Britain’s agent to turn Syria into WWIII”

An opinion from CEC – Citizens Electoral Council of Australia. Some of it is very provocative but the argument that chemical weapons are being used by the rebels and NOT the Syrian government is well supported by reliable sources. Refer … Continue reading

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Kevin Rudd, Therese Rein and their company Ingeus Ltd. The Obeids of the federal government.

Thanks, Crystal. Selling off the organization for reasons of ‘conflict of interest’ and continuing to control the business seems to be a conflict of interpretations to me.

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Dr R M Powell: Biological Effects from RF Radiation – Implications for Smart Meters and Smart Appliances Applied physicist and Harvard PhD, Dr Ronald M Powell, has authored a very useful document showing the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation in the context of Smart Meters. Of particular note is the Biological Effects Chart which Dr. Powell … Continue reading

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Another Milestone, Reader Acknowledgement.

It is difficult to show appropriate appreciation to, and for, readers who keep my spirits up by their liking, following and/or commenting on posts on ‘The Golden Rule’. Individual acknowledgements are difficult and time-consuming , even if strictly speaking, deserved. … Continue reading

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Rudd the psychopath

Originally posted on Australian Climate Madness:
Total weirdo. UPDATE: Rudd is branded an “elitist grub who thinks he is superior to all” by someone who had the misfortune to have to work with him, whereas Abbott is a “gentleman with…

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New Zealand passes controversial bill allowing spying on citizens

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Northcote resident says smart meter caused her tinnitus | Herald Sun

Originally posted on Stop Smart Meters Australia:
A Northcote woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, believes the smart meter installed on the front of her home has caused her to suffer tinnitus. She says her pleas to an ­electricity provider…

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