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Push for Australians’ web browsing histories to be stored

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Exposed: Australia’s Asia spy network

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Australian military apologises for starting bushfire in NSW, no compensation for victims

Thanks Crystal for the post. It seems that our civil laws do not apply to the military. Any one else would be responsible for a criminal act, even if accidental, and be the subject of the Law system.

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Australia doomed: debt ceiling raised $200b, central bank given $8.8b

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Why US troops & bases in Australia? New South Wales Senate Candidate Alison Broinowski

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Kevin Rudd, Therese Rein and their company Ingeus Ltd. The Obeids of the federal government.

Thanks, Crystal. Selling off the organization for reasons of ‘conflict of interest’ and continuing to control the business seems to be a conflict of interpretations to me.

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New Zealand passes controversial bill allowing spying on citizens

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Revealed – Australia’s own PRISM facility

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Australia – Next Petro Superstate?

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New Zealand Government About To Legalize Spying On NZ Citizens

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