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Claim: Greenland Ice Melt “worse than previously thought”

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Guest essay by JohnA Yes, it’s been a while because frankly, it’s difficult for me to keep following eco-Armageddon when I keep falling asleep or doing other stuff like living and working. But…

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NWO and Syria, NATO, Russia, USA, WW III – some related posts

An on-going listing of posts relevant to probably the current most-serious global issues. And if you believe that Russia is the instigator, you really need to read the articles. 5th June 2017: It appears that the dust is settling a … Continue reading

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How Much Money Do Pediatricians Really Make From Vaccines?

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If you want to be sure your pediatrician has your child’s best interest, this is mandatory reading. Pediatricians around the country have begun refusing to accept families who opt out of some or all vaccines. Thanks to a tip sent to…

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Big Pharma not infallible. (Anti depressants, Statins and Vaccines).

This article, titled ” Big Pharma suffers another major blow as study debunks high cholesterol myths, admitting statins are totally worthless ” is from ‘Natural News’, by Julie Wilson, staff writer. It’s been a tough few weeks for Big Pharma, … Continue reading

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Australian Meteo Bureau Caught Fudging Numbers To ‘Prove’ Global Warming

This is a dated post but is reposted to remind readers that Australia is obviously part of the corrupted climate science that brainwashes the public.

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