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Has Australia slyly entered the Western program of demonizing Islam?

More to the point, are we actively participating in unauthorized and unjustified warfare? Are we brainwashing the citizens of Australia? Are we generating false events in order to support unjustified security restrictions on the public? Time for some thought-provocation and … Continue reading

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Pharmaceutical Companies Have Corrupted Science and Government

A topical news item from ‘Focus For Health’: Reference : This strongly associates with the American political and pharmaceutical scene but it has international applicability. What is to be learned is the degree of corruption throughout the associated organizations, … Continue reading

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Economics and Banking – a Sensible Approach

A worthy outline and suggestion that would almost certainly benefit the world. Citizens Electoral Council of Australia Media Release Monday, 17 August 2015 “People’s Quantitative Easing”:  The principles behind it “The reality that sovereign national governments can create public credit … Continue reading

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The two sides of science – RF Radiation Dangers

Originally posted on Stop Smart Meters Australia:
Before we lead into the article that appeared in the Herald Sun about wireless armour underwear, the question we need to all ask ourselves is which side of science do we trust. On one…

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Global Warming? Climate Change? “A Rose by any other Name Smells the Same”

Weird title? Weird times! Weird science! (Perhaps I mean a “skunk by any other name”?) A selection of current WUWT posts, piling on the evidence of science being more important and stronger than rhetoric and propaganda. Throwback Thursday: another failed … Continue reading

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MSM To Pro-Vaxxers: Don’t Argue The Facts, Show Scary Pictures!

An ‘Activist Post’ article that deals with the human parameters, the attempts made to change the opinions of others, and the problems of people not understanding what they are being told. In other words “spin”, “cognitive dissonance” and perception. Firstly, … Continue reading

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Massive strike hits Aussie airports as Abbott plans pay cuts for customs and immigration staff

Unrest at the airports points to extreme government attacks on wages and conditions for these workers. Each day Tony Abbott’s actions seem to move closer to dictatorship and lack of respect and obligation to Australian citizens. Will the people remember … Continue reading

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Vaccines – The Good, Bad and the Very Ugly!

This issue, as I said recently, needs to be highlighted as a global threat, one which people can understand, if they want to, and act on. Again, if they want to. (Other global threats such as “terrorism” and “climate change” … Continue reading

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The Economic Hitmen

Really Good! Simple, Clear, Concise and absolutely Spot On!

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Opinion: How Australian government and media benefits from the Sydney Siege

Having just become aware of the ‘Tott News’ blog per the last post, I discover this article providing detail coverage of the background aspects of the Lindt Cafe siege incident. The incident was always open to critical thinking and suspicion. … Continue reading

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