The myth of the ‘low-fat’ diet,

The myth of the ‘low-fat’ diet, and why consuming healthy fats is vital to your health

2/26/2012 – Many people today still adhere to the misguided belief that nearly all fats are bad, and that the best way to stay slim and healthy is to cut fats, whenever possible, from your diet. On the contrary, fats are an absolutely vital component of any healthy diet as they aid in the absorption of fat-soluble…
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1 Response to The myth of the ‘low-fat’ diet,

  1. Unprocessed foods help out with weight loss tremendously. It will also help make you feel much less tired throughout the day. To not mention the obvious of it being healthy for you personally. Even though stopping at a fast meals restaurant each once in a whilst is not going to become the end from the globe, but just try to not make it a habit.

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