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Lies, Deception and Carbon Tax

From ‘The Australian‘, by Henry Ergas. This article reveals the wrongs of the application of a Carbon Tax and the wrongs of the Labour Government in introducing it. This is no small issue, it is very serious stuff. The future … Continue reading

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AGW – How meaningful is “Global Average Temperature”?

In Conclusion There is just so much wrong with the idea that you can average temperatures from different places. Yet it makes up the core of the Global Warming mindset, and argument. It doesn’t matter if you make temperatures into … Continue reading

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Zelikow: 9/11 Master Criminal Appointed By Obama

‘’ has posted this article by Kevin Barrett, ‘Veterans Today’, to reveal to the public, very convincing information about the truths of incidents called “false flags” by internet blog truth seekers, but for which truth claims are regarded as “conspiracy theories” … Continue reading

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5,000 hits – Better than Sex!

A celebratory post. Self-indulgence indeed! Excuse the title, surely misleading, but a result of feeling good about receiving the 5000th visit to this post.  Surely readers will forgive my exuberance in this instance. The ‘title’ phrase originated, for me, when … Continue reading

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Another resignation over bad behavior over climate skepticism

 A short, simple post with a lot of significance. Slowly but surely, the ‘wheat is separated from the chaff’.  This resignation relates to objections to corruptions in the AGW camp, a question of honesty and conscience. Characteristics that are not endemic within their … Continue reading

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Doomsday Fire – Volcanoes – Follow Up.

{Minor updates 25/9} A reader comment on the earlier post “DOOMSDAY FIRE: Millions of Volcanoes are Stirring Beneath the World’s Oceans” has inspired this post as a better way of replying. The answer became quite long and involved and became a … Continue reading

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The 6 Most Horrifying Lies the Food Industry Is Feeding You

This title belongs to a ‘Food Freedom’ post by Pauli Poisuo, Cracked It speaks for itself, starting here: If there’s one thing in the world the food industry is dead set against, it’s allowing you to actually maintain some level … Continue reading

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DOOMSDAY FIRE: Millions of Volcanoes are Stirring Beneath the World’s Oceans

This is of intense interest!  A ‘’ post. Possibly a foretaste of a grim future, certainly a serious contender for global temperature increases. In 1993, marine geophysicists aboard the research vessel Melville discovered 1,133 previously unmapped underwater volcanoes off the … Continue reading

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False Perceptions – Part 2 (The AGW scene)

This topic was inspired by Manny Garza, ‘Nerd Trek’ I wish to acknowledge his article posted on ‘’,   “False Perception- A Modern Philosophy“. This inspiration continues here and follows on from Part 1 – “False Perception- A Modern Philosophy (Comments On)” … Continue reading

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False Perception- A Modern Philosophy (Comments On- )

Just browsing blogs early in the morning, storing links for future reference, but have stopped to read 2 or 3. One was on pesticides in agriculture, the real health dangers and the claimed need to use them or else. The … Continue reading

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