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Australian government departments attack basic freedoms

From ‘Natural News‘, an article by REALAustralianSceptics. Oh Yes! We follow the UN/USA assiduously. “Global Warming”, Gun control, “War of Terror”, overseas regime change, (perhaps here too, remember how Julia Gillard magically took over?), UN control support, globalization, Big Business, … Continue reading

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Australian PM forced to be neutral on Palestine vote

Julia Gilllard’s determination to vote ‘with’ Israel and the US is a clear indication of her agenda. She is a globalist. Any rhetoric about supporting a two state existence for Israel and Palestine is simply that and has no substance. … Continue reading

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Ignorance is Bliss – IF it is Ignorance!

Time to recall my original comments, my opinions have not changed but are re-enforced by current political behaviour. This is a great example of how truths are obscured whilst revealing the ignorance , or if not ignorance,  then revealing the … Continue reading

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Friends of Israel

Thanks Crystal, for this excellent appraisal of the Israeli influence in our Australian government (of course elsewhere), and the reason why I no longer listen to Jon Faine on the radio. I do not understand how any clear-thinking person can … Continue reading

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Australia Succumbs to Pressure from Globalists and Joins United Nations Security Council

From ‘Globalist Report’, by Andrew Puhanic. [Actually, I have never considered Julia a communist.] “GLOBALIST puppet, carbon tax lover and communist Julia Gillard has once again set Australia on the path to world government. Today, Prime Minister Julia Gillard and … Continue reading

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Why the Australian government is Not a Government For the People.

This ‘Global Report’ post explains very interestingly why Julia Gillard, the Greens and other political leaders are behaving in strange ways. Pushing Carbon Tax, adversely interfering in the food and water production plans, prepared to sacrifice Australian lives overseas, prepared … Continue reading

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Future of Food – The Australian Government sets the Direction

Originally posted on JustMEinT's General Blog:
You know, even Blind Freddie could figure out that allowing the Government to set the direction for the future food policy – without at least having the ordinary members of the food industry…

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Australian Carbon Tax – A crime against the people

The Carbon Tax is surely a clearly definable crime against the Australian people, introduced without public support, without scientific validity, without any meaningful reduction of global pollution and in blatant contradiction of a published verbal promise by the now-Australian PM. … Continue reading

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Australian Carbon Tax – Global Cooling Effect?

Originally posted on JustMEinT's General Blog:
How much cooler will Australia be once the Carbon Dioxide Tax hits the Nation tomorrow? It is a fair question and one that I cannot seem to find an answer to. The Government’s…

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Australian Politics – No ticks for Julia Gillard

 This is  a political post even though I claim to be independent of political persuasions. The claims reproduced here are from a ‘Liberal’ issued document titled “Twenty Five examples of the dysfunctional and divided Gillard Government.” and linked here. It … Continue reading

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