Australian Carbon Tax – Global Cooling Effect?

Of course it will make no difference to the global temperature. They know that, and are introducing the tax for another (other) reason (s).

Julia suggests we won’t notice the tax effect on our normal life styles. Yet there is a certain amount of compensation given to the public. The likelihood of the compensation being fair and equitable is as likely to come true as most of Julia’s other promises have (not).

There will almost certainly be global cooling, but not because of reduced CO2 emissions. The global temperature, even excessively fiddled, still does not show a real dependence on CO2 levels. In reality the planet is currently in a cooling phase, whilst the atmospheric CO2 level steadily rises and will continue to do so, with or without the Australian component.

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How much cooler will Australia be
once the Carbon Dioxide
Tax hits the Nation tomorrow?

It is a fair question and one that I cannot seem to find an answer to.

The Government’s Clean Energy Future Website states:

As a hot and dry continent, Australia has more to lose from climate change than all other developed countries. There are significant risks to our environment and our economy.

This is what they would have you believe will be happening – so what is different from the last 200,000 years? Has no one read Dorothea Mackellar’s Poem recently?

Janet Albrechtsenhas a similar thought in mind (to my own) when she says:

The government informs us, more than once, that the carbon tax will “cut 160 million tonnes of pollution from the atmosphere each year”. But not once does the government inform us by how much the carbon tax will reduce…

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