Cancer – You Can’t Fool the Children of the Revolution

A controversial subject requiring serious treatment.

 Once again – Questioning the traditional medical procedures and theories, as is appropriate, but coming up against the huge wall of conventionality and vested interests, probably face-saving as well. Point is, where in the priorities does patient health and well-being feature?



Natural alternatives


Pharma influence

Authorities power, honesty and responsibility

etc., etc.

By Niaby Codd

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

In my quest for the truth since my father’s diagnosis of cancer, many facts have found their way into my vicinity. Facts that go to further prove that which I already intrinsically know.

This is information that every single one of us needs to know if we are to break free of the chains of sickness and misery that we are currently shackled to as a society. I would like to see us stand up to cancer by recognising the failings of the current medical system and daring to make some changes. I want to raise awareness, not through binning my bras or taking makeup-free selfies but instead, by bringing knowledge into your awareness that will change the way that we currently look at treating this disease.

Given the depth of this information, I have decided to split my findings across a series of articles. Today’s focus will be on the role of the conventional medical establishment and its regulators in the current cancer pandemic.

Cancer and the Medical Establishment

The conventional medical theory maintains that cancer is a problem that originates in the human cell, characterised by abnormal, uncontrolled cell growth. This theory is called the Molecular Theory and has remained relatively unchanged from the theory that was established in the 1950’s.[1]

Despite this theory being put forward as fact, no one has been able to prove that the official theory of cancer is correct and that the origin of cancer is, in fact, of genetic nature.[1] Any scientist who puts forward a different theory, no matter how much evidence they can present for their case, will quickly be discredited and in some cases silenced, before this information ever reaches the mainstream.

To allow the official theory to be disproven would cause an immense amount of embarrassment within the medical field, leaving in its wake a society that has no trust in its leaders but a closed mind is as dangerous as a loaded gun and we must all open our minds to the possibility of other theories and explanations if we are to beat this vicious disease before we allow it to beat us.

We seem to have the view in modern society that science is perfect but there are all sorts of fractions that occur within science. Physicists may substantially disagree with biologists on certain theories for example but, as always, it is he with the loudest voice or the most powerful backers that will win the battle and it is always the winners version of events that goes down in history.

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