Measurement factors

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Temperature measurements used to eventually compute a global average are many and various,

Firstly, the locations are many – near earth surface, sea surface, ocean depths (various), atmosphere (various altitudes,

Secondly, the methods are various – thermometers, IR detection,       PROXIES – tree rings, ice characteristics   etc


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As previously stated IR energy is emitted by all materials above 0°K. Infrared radiation is part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum and occupies frequencies between visible light and radio waves.

The IR part of the spectrum spans wavelengths from 0.7 micrometers to 1000 micrometers (microns). Figure 1.

Within this wave band, only frequencies of 0.7 microns to 20 microns are used for practical, everyday temperature measurement. This is because the IR detectors currently available to industry are not sensitive enough to detect the very small amounts of energy available at wavelengths beyond 20 microns.

This explanation seems to be the basis for atmospheric temperature  measurements related to IR back radiation causing planet warming. Yet, it is claimed that the CO2 AND H2O wavelengths don’t even get included.

Not being an atmospheric properties scientist, I leave this hypothesis to them, BUT IF………………………………..


2 Responses to Measurement factors

  1. Lina says:

    I’m sure there are a hundred ways of aritibuttng a death. And frankly, if somebody wants to they could probably attribute every death to climate change, or none, depending on what you want to say. So I think it’s a meaningless statistic.How exactly are we going to know if any change we make will be positive and how will we recognize it?You are asking crystal ball questions with no clear cut answers. That usually means to people can answer them any way they choose. In my opinion, answers to these questions would just be guesses and really worthless.Sorry I couldn’t be of more help other than being honest. Beware of those who think they accurate and correct answers to those questions.

    • Hard to argue with that, Lina.
      In the ‘climate change’ arena, casualties of anyone or anything are impossible to measure.
      Accurate measurement of any related parameter is hardly feasible, which is why there is so much debate without any meaningful resolutions.
      Being honest is a refreshing attribute.
      Anytime you think I am not being honest please comment.

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