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Inconvenient: oceans continue to cool

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From the way media and climate scientists portray the global air temperature this past year, you’d think there was only one place to go – up. For example, Gavin is holding on to…

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Missing Las Vegas Shooting Witness Shot Dead

Source: Missing Las Vegas Shooting Witness Shot Dead A great deal of publicity has been available, some of it official, some of it alternative news, about the tragic Las Vegas event. A meaningful amount of exposure of facts point to … Continue reading

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The World is run by Pedophiles ~ Stanley Kubrick “Stanley’s next film was going to be about psychopathic pedophiles. He said he was going deeper down the rabbit hole.” Trafficking the Lincoln Highway…

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Lies and Manipulation: The Sorry State of Global Climate Alarmism

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Guest opinion by Vijay Jayaraj As a citizen of a third-world country, I bring a different perspective about climate change from that held by most people in wealthy countries. While they fret about…

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Delingpole: Now 400 Scientific Papers in 2017 Say ‘Global Warming’ Is a Myth (Revised 28th Oct 2017)

[Due to fair comment that the title is misleading, I would like to point out that “Global Warming” in the title relates to “Man-made Global Warming” as the target of the myth claim.  An analogy to “Climate Change” erroneously being … Continue reading

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In Australia, faulty BoM temperature sensors contribute to “hottest year ever”

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More hot days — or “purpose-designed” temperature sensors at play? Guest essay by Dr. Jennifer Marohasy, republished from the Australian Spectator with permission from the author. I don’t believe in conspiracies of silence…

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Evidence of US Alleged Support to Terrorists in Syria, Iraq Continues to Emerge

Originally posted on Covert Geopolitics:
Evidence continues to emerge that the US military forces in Syria and Iraq are cooperating with the Daesh terrorist group, according to Iranian political analyst Seyyed Hadi Afghahi. According to Iranian, Syrian and Russian military…

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Aussie Revolution: Mounting High Level Attacks Against Renewable Energy

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Guest essay by Eric Worrall Leading Australian Politicians and economists are piling in against renewable political favouritism, comparing renewables to the Bernie Madoff and Enron scandals. The following from former Prime Minister Tony…

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Politicized sustainability threatens planet and people

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Foreword: It seems nearly everyone wants to advance sustainability principles. The problem is, no one really knows what they are. Real sustainability means responsible conservation and stewardship of natural resources. The public relations…

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National facial recognition ‘incompatible with a free society’, privacy groups warn

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Privacy groups unite to oppose facial recognition. Photo: EFA Australia’s leading privacy and civil liberties organisations have condemned the decision by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) to provide all images from state and territory…

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