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Health – The ominous direction of Australasian legislation

An extremely important issue raised by the ” Alliance for Natural Health “: Are Australia and New Zealand charging down the path labelled ‘European Union (EU)-style vaccination and natural healthcare policies’? Pressure to vaccinate All over the world, the pressure … Continue reading

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David Icke on Aspartame – (Wait, there’s More, much More!)

Just following my mood from a linked blog and came across this very interesting post. Here, David Icke, known for his sometimes extreme but usually correct information on World Domination and other things necessary for our correct understanding of the … Continue reading

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Statistics: US Census Data Worst In 50 Years – Nearly 100 Million Poor In America

A useful post given the financial crisis continues, even though we don’t get a lot of truthful information except from the internet.  Love the term “well massaged statistics” which we have come to accept world-wide, unfortunately.  Grim stuff, nothing massaged … Continue reading

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It’s About Energy

Originally posted on patriciawalls:
Everywhere that we are looking for the “answers”.  Everywhere that we are looking for a “change in our environment”.  Everywhere that we are looking for someone to “fix” us. What if we are the answer?  What if…

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Selective Outrage and Empathy In The USA

This ‘‘ post might just sink in, to the public consciousness of American and other complicit countries’ residents, and help sort out their bias and short-sightedness. Of course most of the human damage, and its extent, being caused overseas is … Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Embrace Home Canning

Once again, thanks to ‘Care2’ for this useful post by Shelley Stonebrook Home canning might seem more like an activity your grandparents did than something busy people in our day would embrace. But canning homegrown and local foodsis undergoing a … Continue reading

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Think About Replacing Lawns with Gardens

Regular readers will be aware of the diversity of topics of interest to the author. There is some commonality, however, and that amounts to personal well-being. What I read relates to my own well-being, what I “write” relates to  others … Continue reading

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Welcome to the New Syria

I still believe that the Syria is still arguably the most important global situation of concern to people everywhere. At the least it a clear picture of the world domination movement in action, at worst, a trigger for a major … Continue reading

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Future of Food – The Australian Government sets the Direction

Originally posted on JustMEinT's General Blog:
You know, even Blind Freddie could figure out that allowing the Government to set the direction for the future food policy – without at least having the ordinary members of the food industry…

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Are Forests “Lungs of the Planet?”

Originally posted on JustMEinT's General Blog:
Since posting about the rain forests yesterday, I have had my attention drawn in another direction by two independent sources. As I already wrote in that article, everyone has a bias, now it…

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