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Are Forests “Lungs of the Planet?”

Originally posted on JustMEinT's General Blog:
Since posting about the rain forests yesterday, I have had my attention drawn in another direction by two independent sources. As I already wrote in that article, everyone has a bias, now it…

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Western War on “just about everybody else”

This endless warmongering is a frustrating thing to include in this blog. One gets a strong feeling of the futility of presenting the truth to the public. Nothing seems to change, except for the worse.  With this mention of the … Continue reading

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Global Cooling – current Colder-than-normal Events

Today’s very simple post, takes advantage of other blogs, but adds depth to this blog theme of the Australian Carbon Tax being an unjustified, unnecessary, unfair, unsupported (scientifically and publicly), unsatisfactory and unscrupulous burden on the Australian public. It is … Continue reading

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