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Stephen Harper and Oz Prime Minister John Howard SAME SPEECH

This video, posted this week, is now 10 years old, but it is reasonable to ask if anything has changed in principle. The extremely serious issue presented here is that, neither Canada nor Australia are free countries, but are controlled … Continue reading

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British Columbia (Canada) backs down on wireless smart meters

Originally posted on Stop Smart Meters Australia:
The B.C. Government does a back flip on their smart meter mandate by suggesting that they won’t force people to accept a wireless smart meter after 60,000 people objected to having one installed…

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Door opens for China’s massive takeover of overseas assets

From ‘China Daily Mail’ by chankaiyee2 : Seeing its $3 trillion foreign exchange reserve dropping in value due to falling US dollar exchange rate, China is anxiously looking for opportunities to take over profitable foreign assets. CNOOC’s takeover of Nexen is … Continue reading

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Rainforests the “Lungs of the the Planet”

Originally posted on JustMEinT's General Blog:
As a child growing up and learning about life – partly through the wonderful instructions of my parents and partly through the education system, I learned that trees took in the carbon dioxide…

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Ending the Mindset That Gets Us into War

A post from Sott.net, by David Swanson, War is a Crime.  Source linked here. It provides a picture of the unnecessary promotion and inhumanity of wars to which I dedicate this blog. The Pentagon, the beating heart of the American War Machine … Continue reading

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Solar and climate- no longer taboo

Here is a post from WUWT of much interest. Somehow, climate scientists (some), had not worked out that the Sun did not directly affect near-surface temperatures on Earth. This, even though we personally experience heating from the Sun’s rays, feel … Continue reading

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Global Cooling – current Colder-than-normal Events

Today’s very simple post, takes advantage of other blogs, but adds depth to this blog theme of the Australian Carbon Tax being an unjustified, unnecessary, unfair, unsupported (scientifically and publicly), unsatisfactory and unscrupulous burden on the Australian public. It is … Continue reading

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