Anniversary post – on Potatoes and Potato Heads

Potatoes are one of the most used staple foods.

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JustMeinT has posted on food and health today and inspired this special post by The Golden Rule. It is the 200th post and should be something meaningful. (At least to somebody).

Potatoes may be trivial in themselves but much less trivial in the reality of civilization. Initially, I was struck by Clare’s post including a photo of the US beloved psychopathic President holding a Mr Potato Head.  Perhaps there is a likeness, if not in appearance then in demonstrable intelligence.

Potatoes caused a mass exodus from Ireland to America because of a disease destroying the potato crops in Ireland. This created a major influence in the development of the US civilization, later diversified by Italian and Jewish immigration.

Potatoes represent a staple food in the Western world, akin to rice in the East and can be reasonably seen as a survival icon to the human race.

Obama appears to represent the opposite. A promoter of destruction to people, countries and lesser developed civilization. A purveyor of lies and deceit, an instrument of a force against the world’s population. A man not really lacking in intelligence, but just as obviously lacking in compassion and understanding for people, both overseas and his own citizens welfare. Presumably acting in the interests of the powers pulling his strings, his disregard for human life and suffering is an insult to his family, his forebears, his country (whichever that maybe) and the world in general.

This leads us to a more profound topic – civilization in general.  Just a short dissertation on a subject which deserves more attention.

All we, as a people, should need to focus on, is survival. Not of the fittest, the strongest, the richest or the most intelligent, certainly not of our own self, but of the deserving. Civilization as a whole. Where all are deserving and nobody should attempt to play God and place themselves above others.

People born with deficiencies may fall by the wayside, and survival of the fittest might apply, but if fitter people wish to sacrifice themselves in order to help others survive, that should be their right. The opposite approach to this is questionable.

If survival of one’s self is deemed as justification for the elimination of others, then civilization is doomed to a hellish existence. This is close to our actual situation today.

The rights of any man should not be subject to domination by another. This is exactly what has gone horribly wrong with our civilization. An extreme imbalance in most areas of existence because of greed for wealth, corruption and absolute disrespect and disregard for fellow human beings.

What are the essentials of life? Food/drink, shelter (clothing and dwelling), health and community interaction and support. (If for no other reason than to avoid in-breeding).

What are the essentials of a meaningful life, providing some degree of comfort, self-respect, fulfilment and contentment or even happiness? Secure shelter, family, variety of food and drink, health enhancement, entertainment, games and sports, opportunity to be creative, pleasure from nature, arts and crafts.

Without going into detail, what we have actually got, is so far removed from these essentials, that we have all lost sight of them. The details would make a very good separate post, or several. In fact they already do appear here and in other like blogs, in plenty, as injustices and worse.

Books have been written on this theme. It is both personal and all-encompassing.  The few words here are but an inkling of the whole picture.

The moral is that the difference between the essentials of civilized existence and what we currently experience in our cultures, is of the order of difference between the nursing and loving of a new-born babe and the murdering of a thousand people. 

Our civilization has become nothing short of barbaric. What is worse is that the public, in general, are content to see this as acceptable, in a lot of cases even support the barbarity. Perhaps because they are blinded or blinkered, nevertheless their silence or support, whatever it is, permits the situation to exist and continue to worsen.

Clare’s post titled ‘Food = Health? Nah Food = Politics = Money’ is about food and the health of the people, and politics.  Please read it here.

I hope that I will be forgiven for twisting this a little to apply it to the health of our society and civilization.

About Ken McMurtrie

Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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3 Responses to Anniversary post – on Potatoes and Potato Heads

  1. Thanks Ken – you have written a challenging article as is usual Pal…… congrats also on the 200th article…. all the best JustMeinT AKA Clare

  2. Jamie Walker says:

    We’re reading from the same book.
    Keep up the work, all are needed….

  3. I thought this quote was very suiting “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” – Thomas Jefferson

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