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South Australia Does This to Increase Crop Yields 300% Without GMOs

Fascinating! We don’t learn much from this except that, if true, it is a remarkable boost for food production, hopefully fully sustainable.

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Why we need more carbon dioxide to grow food and forests

The less-pressing issue of CO2 and “climate change” is still important because hopefully all the sabre-rattling and even the real murdering, raping and pillaging that gets most media attention these days will not prevent our civilization remaining extant for a … Continue reading

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Future of Food – The Australian Government sets the Direction

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You know, even Blind Freddie could figure out that allowing the Government to set the direction for the future food policy – without at least having the ordinary members of the food industry…

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Are Forests “Lungs of the Planet?”

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Since posting about the rain forests yesterday, I have had my attention drawn in another direction by two independent sources. As I already wrote in that article, everyone has a bias, now it…

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Anniversary post – on Potatoes and Potato Heads

JustMeinT has posted on food and health today and inspired this special post by The Golden Rule. It is the 200th post and should be something meaningful. (At least to somebody). Potatoes may be trivial in themselves but much less trivial … Continue reading

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