Women with high cholesterol live longer,

Women with high cholesterol live longer, have fewer heart attacks and strokes

10/26/2011 – If the diagnosis of high cholesterol sounds like a death sentence to your ears, you may be the victim of cholesterol propaganda. It’s not uncommon to believe that lower is better when it comes to cholesterol, but new research shows otherwise. In fact, a recent study in Norway says women with high cholesterol…
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2 Responses to Women with high cholesterol live longer,

  1. Auth says:

    great question The thorn in the side of the stiatn manufacturers is that while their drugs are proven to lower cholesterol, they aren’t proven to be effective in preventing heart attacks or mortality. In fact, your body needs cholesterol as its healing agent when there is damage in the arterial system. That’s why the simple lowering of cholesterol is not ever shown to reduce heart disease or deaths. It’s all based on the lipid hypothesis, which IS after all, a HYPOTHESIS only

  2. Adelaida Angelica says:

    High cholesterol symptoms in women are usually noticed in women older than 55 years while high cholesterol symptoms in men are commonly observed in men younger than 55 years. In general, aging increases the risk of high cholesterol. Obesity, lack of physical activity, eating excessive junk food, family history, excessive stress, alcohol abuse, increase the risk of high cholesterol. If you notice any symptoms of high cholesterol, you need to check the cholesterol levels by performing a simple blood test. Certain lifestyle changes and dietary changes such as including more HDL cholesterol foods in your diet can help lower cholesterol levels. ;

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