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They Write the Music, We Enjoy IT. Happy New Year!!

I sat here intending to follow the last post with another ‘summary’  type, a sort of compilation to cram lots of links and information instead of several individual posts which, of course take considerably more time. The other summaries are potentially: … Continue reading

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Health Issues – A Summary of Interesting Posts from Impressive Blogs

My blogging interests cover several fields, most of which relate to truth, justice and the prevalence of mainstream media and even scientific related documentation to mislead the public. Unfortunately, there exists a virtually endless number of examples, creating a dilemma for me … Continue reading

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Global Warming – “The Thermostatic Throttle”

Some scientific information that is real and sensible. One of the many factors relating to “average global temperature”. CO2 and carbon trading are scientifically, a few “pixels” in the big picture. Watts Up With That? Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach … Continue reading

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Do You Believe More Vaccines or Better Nutrition Prevents Disease?

Back to Vaccines – from ‘Vactruth’, author Michelle Goldstein, an opinion piece with a wealth of evidence to support her contentions. 25 references and solid logic suggests this is worth reading and serious consideration. We are reminded of the power … Continue reading

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Claim: November 2013 is the ‘warmest ever’ – but will the real November 2013 temperature please stand up?

I like this analysis, especially the observation about steam heating for residents. It sounds like a great idea but it may well “contaminate” official temperature recordings. Related articles This is the warmest November yet, in terms of “surface temperatures.” ( … Continue reading

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If More People Knew The Secrets……

“If More People Knew The Secrets Those In Power Keep From Us All, We Would Toss Them Out On Their Ear” This is the title of a posting on Facebook which I agree deserves wide exposure. The theme is not … Continue reading

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NEJM editor: “No longer possible to believe much of clinical research published”

This article is dated, (November 2009), but seems still relevant, if not seriously more-so. There are always two sides to a story and often the conventional and popular side needs to be critically appraised. There is ample evidence of profits, … Continue reading

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New York City to force all children to be injected with mercury in the form of flu shots

From ‘Natural News‘ – by Mike Adams. (NaturalNews) Of all the toxic heavy metals, mercury is the most devastating to the brain. No legitimate scientist would ever argue that mercury is safe to inject into a child at any dose, … Continue reading

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Return of the Golden Calf

Originally posted on COTO Report:
By Robert C. Koehler COTO Report ’Tis the season to feel rage and heartache about the economy. I feel hope as well, praise the Lord, thanks to Pope Francis and the alley behind my house,…

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Smart Meters – RF Radiation Dangers are Real and Cannot be “SAFE”

The “Stop Smart Meters Australia” organization is working hard to action and inform on the inadvisability of installing smart meters in homes and small businesses. The claims by the Power companies and the Victorian government that the smart meter RF … Continue reading

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