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Covid-19 – Depopulation – Sterilization program

CV REPRODUCTIVE & MENSTRUAL REACTIONS Please click on the link to activate.

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Covid-19 “Vaccines”  –  Who do you Trust for Reputable Information?

The general public, in general, trust the governments and the mainstream media to “educate” them about so many aspects of their lives. A trust, according to many educated, qualified and knowledgeable persons, that is seriously misplaced. Of all relevant worldly … Continue reading

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Covid-19 – An Impressive Assessment of the Agenda and Dangers.

A highly understandable presentation detailing the main aspects of the Covid “vaccine” program.  A program surely not in our/your best interests! Yes, trials even include children. I believe, well worth the time (16 minutes) spent for an important education. Please … Continue reading

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Fauci and the NIH caught funding China’s covid bioweapons research

Is this what is referred as a “smoking gun”? A revelation published by “Natural News“.  The whole frightening scenario becomes clear.Bypass censorship by sharing this link: (Natural News) In today’s Situation Update podcast, we cover the bombshell news that … Continue reading

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Former Pfizer Vice President Dr. Yeadon: Discusses Covid Vaccine Issues

Comments by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact News Like a fireman tasked with helping to get as many people as possible out of a burning building that is about to collapse, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Pfizer’s former Vice President and Chief Scientist … Continue reading

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Are you rational? (About taking Covid-19 vaccine.)

Originally posted on budbromley:
Keeping in mind that the very minimal clinical trial conducted so far on the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine was double blinded, (see link) this attached table is extracted from that paper.? Various adverse effects are much higher…

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Very informative on Covid vaccines

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NZ & Covid: Of 22 stated deaths, 4 tested NEG, one NOT tested; all aged 60-90, 8 with underlying conditions

Originally posted on Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch:
All the lockdown, the military involvement, the drama, the suicides, the fear of being pulled from your family & detained in a quarantine/detention center … are they really justified with 17 deaths? Note…

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Grandefex – Internet Investing – My Experiences

This is a major departure from the usual blog themes, yet it still relates to truth and justice.  It’s very personal, maybe of no interest to most followers, but it may be of use to some. An admittance of a … Continue reading

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Halting Our Descent into Tyranny: Defeating the Global Elite’s Covid-19 Coup

Originally posted on Desultory Heroics:
By Robert J. Burrowes As many authors have documented, the global elite is conducting a coup to take complete control of our lives. It is doing this by using a non-existent ‘virus’ to terrorize the…

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