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I think this is all very self-explanatory. The risks, the lack of safety, the existence of bias in the industry. Gundersen is surely on the side of caution when assessing nuclear power plants but he has some very impressive arguments … Continue reading

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Energy Drinks Not for Kids, Pediatricians Warn

Joseph Brownstein, ‘LiveScience’, posts this article on Energy drinks – sweet drinks containing caffeine and often herbal supplements – have been drawing scrutiny over their nutritional value. Now the nation’s largest group of pediatricians is strongly recommending that they … Continue reading

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US Memorial Day – they really have something to reflect on.

 Australia is a part of the “Coalition of the Willing“, so do we! This from ‘Forbidden News’: It’s Memorial Day. 4,454 US troops have been killed since the beginning of the Second Gulf War. 1,582 US troops have been killed in … Continue reading

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JAPAN: Current Nuclear Danger Unclear, Future Danger Ominous

Looking for the latest on radiation problems and exposure levels, the relative quietness of news is, I believe, of concern. It may be that what we don’t know isn’t necessarily good for us. Any progress on containing or lessening the radiation seems … Continue reading

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Warning to Parents: This Vaccine Linked to Sudden Infant Death…

We can rely on to inform us of health issue problems. This certainly seems to be one. The report is by Dr. Mercola. © The hepatitis B vaccine is given to U.S. infants at birth. But there is … Continue reading

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AGW Controls Fraudulent and Political

Time to highlight the proof that the AGW movement is far from genuine. So here are some relevant extracts from a published article that shows that, back in 1975, the movement was born out of the desire to control industrial … Continue reading

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7 Secret Ways We Are Being Poisoned

Just some more disheartening information about the industries that are more interested in making money than accepting responsibility for the public who consume their products and provide the money. From the site, post by ‘Activist Post’; (Assume share offer … Continue reading

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The Sun – Cause or Preventer of Skin Cancer?

Scientists reverse stance on sun and cancer:  Now they admit sunlight can prevent skin cancer.  Tara Green, posted this item in ‘Natural News‘: (NaturalNews) Since the 1980s, physicians and cancer groups have regularly warned the public against the potential health … Continue reading

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Nuclear Safety Only a Concern After an Event.

Ref:  JUSTIN PRITCHARD and YURI KAGEYAMA  Associated Press TOKYO . This article shows that safety concerns are not  high enough priority during design and planning stages of nuclear power stations. Maybe it will be better in future but there  are 100’s of existing … Continue reading

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Nuclear Crisis in Japan!

From: Nuclear Information and Resource Service Global Research At last we are getting some meaningful information that shows the seriousness of the Fukushima TEPCO Nuclear Power Station disaster. We are getting past the hedging, misinformation and cover-up stages. Serious is … Continue reading

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