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Where in the World are ‘Morals’?

Originally posted on COTO Report:
By Robert C. Koehler COTO Report My favorite quote was from the British government spokesperson, who assured us: “All ammunition used by UK armed forces falls within international humanitarian law and is consistent with the…

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Vaccines – Concerns about use of Aluminum Hydroxide

This Dr. David Jockers article has been posted on Sott.net as ‘opinion’. If true, the claims of serious danger to children need to be considered by the authorities and parents. (NaturalNews) Vaccines are one of the most sensitive topics in … Continue reading

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Warning to Parents: This Vaccine Linked to Sudden Infant Death…

We can rely on Sott.net to inform us of health issue problems. This certainly seems to be one. The report is by Dr. Mercola. © drmercola.com The hepatitis B vaccine is given to U.S. infants at birth. But there is … Continue reading

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New study: Nations requiring the most vaccines tend to have the worst infant mortality rates

Here we have a very interesting concept, supporting the no-vaccination argument. This is a study better assessed by  (unbiassed) medical professionals, but nevertheless is of some direct support to mothers pondering the choices. Further reading, linked in the article should … Continue reading

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Australia: Doctors Warn Parents to Keep Newborns at Home as Whooping Cough Epidemic Escalates

This article posted at Sott.net gives an alternative view to the concerns of vaccinations being potentially dangerous.  There is nothing clearcut in this issue, there is evidence supporting both sides of the argument. What is clear is that some aspects … Continue reading

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