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Probably what could be accurately termed “opening a can of worms”. My previous post “Huge News! DIA Video Admits Agenda to Depopulate Now in Effect!” includes a video which includes a reference to the “Georgia Guidestones”. This raised my interest as … Continue reading

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Where in the World are ‘Morals’?

Originally posted on COTO Report:
By Robert C. Koehler COTO Report My favorite quote was from the British government spokesperson, who assured us: “All ammunition used by UK armed forces falls within international humanitarian law and is consistent with the…

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Is the CDC’s Mandated Vaccine Schedule a Health-Disguised Compulsory Sterilization Program? by William Davies

This post is provocative in that it discusses what would, or should be, classified as immoral, unethical and illegal. In the US and in any free country, it would be contrary to its Constitution and civil liberties standards. We are … Continue reading

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Catherine Fitts – Genocide and the Looting of America

This is a really important expose.  Scary by nature, particularly if true! Worth reading right through the source article. About the US but repercussions will be global.

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