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Famous Russian author says 9/11 Inside Job

As Mary Poppins sang – “I flit, I fly………..”. It seems this applies to the almost random jumps of topics published here. I guess there are two main reasons, the themes of interest are various and given that they relate to … Continue reading

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Iron supplements may cause more harm than good

Back to health issues. This ‘Natural News‘ post is interesting because it is the first time that I can recall where iron supplements are questioned. Elizabeth Walling’s article is recommended and is reproduced here. (NaturalNews) For the last several decades, … Continue reading

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Vaccines – Warnings from the Past. Whooping Cough Issues.

Currently, family members are being urged to accept whooping cough vaccinations to protect a new baby. This post has often published warnings about the dangers of vaccinations, more obviously Gardasil, regarding HPV but notably swine flu and MMR. I confess … Continue reading

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Anniversary post – on Potatoes and Potato Heads

JustMeinT has posted on food and health today and inspired this special post by The Golden Rule. It is the 200th post and should be something meaningful. (At least to somebody). Potatoes may be trivial in themselves but much less trivial … Continue reading

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Global Warming – More on the BEST claim of proven AGW

WUWT posts an article by Alec Rawls, titled ‘Explaining Muller vs. Muller: is BEST blissfully unaware of cosmic-ray-cloud theory?’ This claim by the Berkely group really is only propaganda for the masses and has little scientific credibility, as is shown in … Continue reading

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Reader responses

Today this site has exceeded 6000 views in total. This is over a 6 month period. To see responses is gratifying and I say thank you. Besides a bit of ego-tripping, it achieves for me a number of things. An … Continue reading

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Libya – Another viewpoint on Gaddafi’s murder.

This video has been published on TIP see ‘ROTHSCHILDS FINISH OFF GADDAFI’ I don’t wish to add comment other than it deserves further exposure. As all the pieces come together, the whole truth will become more evident, hopefully. One thing for … Continue reading

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Global Warming – More Questions than Answers (updated Aug 12)

“Earth’s Energy Budget Diagram” is part of the title of  a ‘WUWT‘ post by Bob Fernley-Jones AKA Bob_FJ.  Full title is “Does the Trenberth et al “Earth’s Energy Budget Diagram” Contain a Paradox?” Much is said and much is commented upon and … Continue reading

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AGW – BEST offers the latest AGW support, But is it Best?

From WUWT, an article by Willis Eschenbach, titled ‘What the BEST data actually says’. It would have been better to publish this here, prior to ‘Global Temperature “Trends” – Realistically Nowhere!‘. The BEST claims were instrumental in revisiting the arguments which then … Continue reading

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Global Temperature “Trends” – Realistically Nowhere!

Back into the fray! The AGW debate, or whatever you wish to call it, continues unabated with as much, or more, scientific support for questioning AGW and its carbon trading schemes, than is provided by the IPCC and its supporting … Continue reading

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