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Has the CRUTEM4 Data been fiddled with?

Very convincing cheating, I would venture to say! What I mean to say is that I am convinced that they cheat, not that they will convince the scientific amongst us! I guess they have to resort to this to uphold … Continue reading

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AGW – One man’s science is another man’s pseudo-science! Part 2.

We continue our educational excercise : Part 2: Warming? Snipped from an article entitled Solar-Cycle Warming at the Earth’s Surface and an Observational Determination of Climate Sensitivity. By Ka-Kit Tung and Charles D. Camp Department of Applied Mathematics University of Washington, … Continue reading

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AGW – BEST offers the latest AGW support, But is it Best?

From WUWT, an article by Willis Eschenbach, titled ‘What the BEST data actually says’. It would have been better to publish this here, prior to ‘Global Temperature “Trends” – Realistically Nowhere!‘. The BEST claims were instrumental in revisiting the arguments which then … Continue reading

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There has been no global warming since 1998

The following refers to a post from ‘Climate Realists’. Point 1: The observed global temperature, when reported truly, shows no statistical warming over recent years. Point 2: This is not disputed by truthful warmists. Point 3: One attempt to explain this diversion … Continue reading

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