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Euro collapse imminent, experts believe

This ‘Natural News‘ post by Ethan Huff, is a picture of a woeful financial situation, heading for a certain crash. In accounting terms, an inevitable end to a system dependent on real growth when growth can not be sustainable. Add … Continue reading

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Vaccinations – Proof that potential dangers are hidden.

This ‘VacTruth‘ post provides conclusive proof that authorities do not reveal all to the public, or even the dispensing agencies. This article deals with a particular disease, but the ramifications apply to vaccines in general. There seems to be no … Continue reading

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Self Care and Life Balance: A Prescription for Laughter.

Life is not simple, but the best things in life are simple things and often free. The lesson here for me is the importance of the blog title component “Life Balance”. With a slight twist to apply this to my … Continue reading

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Syria – More vocal support against Western Intervention.

Latest from the CEC 31 August 2012 Daraya Massacre: A war crime for sure, but whose? Has another opposition-instigated massacre been pinned on the Assad government in Damascus for the purpose of furthering the West’s campaign of regime change in … Continue reading

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AGW – Climate Change – Sufficient Evidence to Condemn Carbon Controls

Here is some genuine science being used and the conclusion(s) do not support the need for concern about a warming trend, if the trend in fact exists at all. I believe the article provides support for my general contention that … Continue reading

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Lies, Damn Lies, and Anoma-Lies

Reblogging, as I have said before, is a form of laziness, from an editorial point of view. Yet, when another blog/person publishes a post that I agree with and says basically what I would like to say myself, it makes … Continue reading

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You are What You Eat.

Originally posted on Musings from the Chiefio:
This is a nice confirmation of something I’ve suspected. That some relatively large molecules pass into the body unchanged in “digestion”; many with biological activity. We all know this from the use of…

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Why the Australian government is Not a Government For the People.

This ‘Global Report’ post explains very interestingly why Julia Gillard, the Greens and other political leaders are behaving in strange ways. Pushing Carbon Tax, adversely interfering in the food and water production plans, prepared to sacrifice Australian lives overseas, prepared … Continue reading

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A vaccine for heart disease?

The previous two posts relating to vaccinations have led me to a new site which has excited me. Readers will be aware of my personal health adventure with a cardiac event. Uncertainties about the relationships between cholesterol, cholesterol lowering drugs,(statins), … Continue reading

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Danger of Vaccinations

Originally posted on Da13thsun:
Dangers of Vaccinations ALL the Vaccines Are Contaminated – Every Last One of Them S. Edmonson for "The chief, if not the sole, cause of the monstrous increase in cancer has been vaccination" –…

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