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This Is Why The Euro Is Finished

Perhaps this is why all the economies are finished. They are all based on unrepayable debts, unsustainable growths and consumerism of unnecessary, unproductive, unhealthy products. “That is to say, it already knew back then that the bailout executed in 2010 … Continue reading

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Euro collapse imminent, experts believe

This ‘Natural News‘ post by Ethan Huff, is a picture of a woeful financial situation, heading for a certain crash. In accounting terms, an inevitable end to a system dependent on real growth when growth can not be sustainable. Add … Continue reading

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Carbon Tax/ Carbon Trading – Not so successful

Image by stoofstraat via Flickr Just a gentle stir to our Australian ‘Leaders’: EU carbon plunges 10 percent to record low of 6.30 euros EU carbon prices fell to their lowest ever level on Wednesday as the euro currency and … Continue reading

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