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This Is Why The Euro Is Finished

Perhaps this is why all the economies are finished. They are all based on unrepayable debts, unsustainable growths and consumerism of unnecessary, unproductive, unhealthy products. “That is to say, it already knew back then that the bailout executed in 2010 … Continue reading

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11 Signs That Italy Is Descending Into A Full-Blown Economic Depression

Exactly as I and many other activists have been predicting – an inevitable, predictable, downhill slide. And why do not the experts understand this? Of course they do, and they knowingly encourage it to advance the total global collapse desired … Continue reading

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Greece demands billions for German war crimes: Relations between EU partners plunge to a new low

This ‘Daily Mail‘ news item is a couple of weeks old but caught my eye for a number of reasons. The Global Financial Crisis lives on, often not getting a lot of publicity. The New World Order appears to be … Continue reading

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The Euro “experiment” – Failure or success – all in the eye of the beholder.

Whether the European “experiment” has failed, or is failing, or not, depends on a point of view. The point of view being who you are and what your agenda is! Consider the possibility of an agenda which is aimed at … Continue reading

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Freedom in Iceland

Originally posted on crazyemailsandbackstories:
Iceland’s peaceful revolution is a stunning example of how little our media tells us about the rest of the world. Read details about Iceland’s wonderful social evolution at DailyKos, here. Another great article is  on Bloomberg.com.…

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Greece – The theatre stage for the NWO game plan

The plan was afoot back in 2008. If this doesn’t convince the reader that the public is told lies, and that world government and control is the name of the game, please comment on this post. HenryMakow.com posts this revelation … Continue reading

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