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Al Gore Praises “Climate Leader” South Australia

Considering that South Australia’s green energy policy is proving to be a ‘roaring’ disaster, there is more than local policy to be learned here. ” If South Australia declares victory over renewable instability, regardless of how unjustified or premature their … Continue reading

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Message to my blog followers

There has been a recent increased rate of readers choosing to be followers. This is very rewarding for me, as followers, and any comments offered, show the degree of interest in, and worth of, the information being posted. In other … Continue reading

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The Crisis of Integrity-deficient Science

Very comfortable with my conclusion that the Climate alarmists are short on valid science bases. That they fabricate evidence is conclusive evidence! Watts Up With That? This post comes to us via Paul Driessen of CFACT.  He highlights a very serious … Continue reading

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Study Finds Temperature Adjustments Account For ‘Nearly All Of The Warming’ In Climate Data

Another article revealing evidence of corruption in the official temperature records. Authentic? You make up your own mind! From ‘The Daily Sheeple’   by Michael Bastasch | The Daily Caller News Foundation A new study found adjustments made to global surface … Continue reading

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Common Core Education system requires independent study.

Florida offers evidence of the Common Core system being more than ineffective. Australia may be following the coerced adoption plan that America has adopted. From ‘Natural News’ by Isabelle Z. : Florida school dumps common core then skyrockets to number … Continue reading

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The Ministry Of Climate Truth – Erasing The Satellite Data

Satellite sourced global temperature data, previously considered as the most accurate method, and which tended to bring official surface temperature into question is now being challenged as having errors, by Dr Carl Mears and Frank Wentz. They suggest that existing … Continue reading

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Why the West Will Not and Cannot Let Syria Live in Peace

Originally posted on Covert Geopolitics:
For all those who have become awake and conscious or otherwise put; have escaped the western media pit of lies and brainwashing, the six year long resistance of the Syrian people in the face of…

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