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Common Core Education system requires independent study.

Florida offers evidence of the Common Core system being more than ineffective. Australia may be following the coerced adoption plan that America has adopted. From ‘Natural News’ by Isabelle Z. : Florida school dumps common core then skyrockets to number … Continue reading

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The Next Generation Science Standards: A Model of Mediocrity

I suggest that this is the crux of the matter! The matter of meaningful and effective education which surely is becoming more and more obviously destroyed, or at the very least, weakened. Even adulterated, by political influences and other agendas. … Continue reading

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History They Don’t Teach You.

Whose version of History is true? It is not always wise to believe what you want to believe – study all options. Related articles Textbooks As Manipulation (Part Two) (vitriolism.wordpress.com)

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Shocking research suggests that chronic stress increases your chance of death five-fold

Originally posted on Family Survival Protocol – Microcosm News:
Health And Wellness Report     Holistic Health  :   Health –     Five mental habits that steal years from your life   by: Mike Bundrant (NaturalNews) Shocking research published in…

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It’s About Energy

Originally posted on patriciawalls:
Everywhere that we are looking for the “answers”.  Everywhere that we are looking for a “change in our environment”.  Everywhere that we are looking for someone to “fix” us. What if we are the answer?  What if…

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AGW – NASA part of the propaganda machine

The science is not settled. The truth is not being told to the public. Top scientific organizations (eg NASA) are being complicit in broadcasting propaganda and are being caught out! Watts Up With That? This will be a top sticky … Continue reading

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MUSIC – Can change your perceptions

This post is, hopefully, a pleasant change from the usual serious stuff. Well this is still serious but a much more uplifting topic. I am an addict of music. It is a very important part of my life, practically essential, … Continue reading

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