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Lewandowsky invents new pseudo-science of psycho-climatology™

Originally posted on Australian Climate Madness:
Pseudo-science rules! Stephan Lewandowsky knows nothing about climatology, meteorology, geology, atmospheric physics or thermodynamics, but that trivial obstacle does not prevent him believing the alarmist consensus with such fervour that he uses his own…

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People believe their authority figures beyond the point that it’s reasonable to do so

This post has arisen from two incentives. The old ‘gem’ of the global warming debate and the perception about artificial sweeteners, the topics of the last two posts. It concerns the way people formulate their beliefs, the way they perceive … Continue reading

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Battling the Self

This ‘Care2’ post reveals some important information from which a lot of us might benefit. I know people who have this issue to some degree or other, I cannot exclude myself. Reading this may not provide a revelation, but it … Continue reading

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The Necessity of Disillusionment

Again, from Sott.net. their own post by Timothy C.Trepanier. Nothing is more sad than the death of an illusion. ~ Arthur Koestler Our greatest illusion is to believe that we are what we think ourselves to be. ~ H.F. Amiel … Continue reading

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False Perception- A Modern Philosophy (Comments On- )

Just browsing blogs early in the morning, storing links for future reference, but have stopped to read 2 or 3. One was on pesticides in agriculture, the real health dangers and the claimed need to use them or else. The … Continue reading

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MUSIC – Can change your perceptions

This post is, hopefully, a pleasant change from the usual serious stuff. Well this is still serious but a much more uplifting topic. I am an addict of music. It is a very important part of my life, practically essential, … Continue reading

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