My Life – Achievements and Dreams

This topic inspired by this photo from FB;

A significant part of my life, at least my working life, in particular that portion whilst employed as an Engineer in the Australian Defence Department 1961 – 1977, involving the Australian production of 110 of these beautiful fighter aircraft, at the “Government Aircraft Factories” located at Fisherman’s Bend, Melbourne, Victoria.

I believe another 10 trainers were acquired after I left that employ.

We manufactured the Mirage III-O version (and III-D 2-seater trainer version).

Probably the most exciting and rewarding part of my working life.

Interesting that I am now a “full-blown” pacifist and would now have qualms about participating in such a project. At the time I remember my Grandfather (Jim) asking if I had any concerns about being involved in manufacturing destructive military equipment. My response was “that if I didn’t do what I did, someone else would”, in retrospect, the naive sort of answer one might expect from a young person engrossed in his vocation.

In those days, Australia had been involved in fighting in Vietnam an of course WWI and WWII, but there seemed to be a disconnect between manufacturing fighter aircraft ‘for defence’ purposes as distinct from killing humans, both military and civilian.

Nowadays, “defence” has been construed (or misconstrued) to mean killing anyone who doesn’t comply with the definition of ‘acceptable to the NWO oligarchy’.

A very different choice of vocation would be my present outlook. All part of life, learning and understanding that comes from maturity.


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