Universal Childhood Immunizations

Lots to read, but that goes hand-in-hand with lots to learn.
This is a very comprehensive article full of interesting information.
Reading it awakens one to the complexities of vaccine theories and practices. but it also opens up the mind to a wealth of knowledge and possibilities that tend to contrast with what we are told by the authorities.
Who is right or wrong in particular cases and aspects will always be debated, it seems, but it important for us to acknowledge that accepting an answer to that question is best based on assessment rather than on blind acceptance of either persuasion.

From ‘Mercola.com’


Commencing with:

Mass immunization programs have been seriously questioned on both developmental and scientific grounds. It will be the purpose of this report to proceed with a detailed examination of the issues of controversy, draw some conclusions, and make appropriate recommendations. The critique of these issues stems from a careful review and evaluation of wide ranging biomedical literature sources of relevance to the subject. This work has been carried out in the spirit of honest inquiry, thus affording a fresh and critical analyses of the fundamental issues.

Although the conclusions as reached visibly sustain “one side” of what is largely a hidden and professionalist dominated debate on immunization, the reader should note that this is done in order to provide a long neglected and constructive counterbalance to the predominating supportive declarations of the establishment, and in turn the parroted promotion of the same view by the popular media.

It must further be appreciated that past and ongoing investments in the drive for universal immunization extend well beyond the mere allocation of substantial government and publicly donated funds (which translates into biennial expenditures of a billion US dollars, 63 percent of which comes from Developing World countries themselves) to include: extensive public and private sector commitment to meeting the infrastructural, service, product and marketing requirements of the worldwide medico-industrial complex which employs tens of thousands of people in drug companies, private laboratories, universities, governmental health departments, hospitals etc. (furthermore it is estimated that there are 25,000 professional national and international staff who directly oversee hundreds of thousands of field workers involved in the annual vaccination of 60 million children); related domestic and international legislation and politics; and massive public educational indoctrination initiatives that are largely predicated on promoting the unquestioned effectiveness and relative safety of immunization, and which by design engender an impelling fear in those “unprotected.”

In the Developing World immunization has reached 50 percent for DPT vaccine and 40 percent for measles, and is now saving over 1.3 million lives annually.” Everyone is encouraged — bordering on religious fervor — to get on the bandwagon. UNICEF.. calls for a ‘Grand Alliance’ of all possible resources teachers, and religious leaders, mass media and government agencies, voluntary organizations and people’s movements, business leaders and labour unions, women’s groups and health services to create an informed public demand for. . . the methods which could now bring about ‘a revolution’ in child survival and development.

Immunization’s high acceptance and apparent success relate to a number of factors: A technological package that is easily understood and readily available . . . the fact that vaccination does not require substantial behavioral change; the relative ease of measuring coverage and its offer of an opportunity for political leadership at all levels to be visibly involved. It is accepted wisdom among medical professionals and in turn the public, that millions of children now enjoy improved health and freedom from various life-threatening diseases because of safe and effective vaccines. In the words of Fulginiti, “morbidity and deaths secondary to the contagious diseases have either been eradicated, measles greatly reduced in occurrence, and rubella, mumps, pertussis, and other diseases significantly lessened in terms of their impact.”


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