Claim: Greenland Ice Melt “worse than previously thought”

How the “climate change” activist movement works:
A scientific paper “proving” global warming is found and exploited in the mass media.
The ‘masses’ believe every word.

How we “deniers” work:
Closely look at claimed catastrophic ice loss and sea-level increases.
Find evidence of exaggerated, incorrect, unscientific attempts that invalidate the claims.
The truth is distributed throughout the already-aware section of the public and critically viewed and discussed.
The mass media, devoid of investigative powers due to hierarchy controls, continue to publish “scientific” garbage.
The masses remain unaware and continue to support the scientifically unsupportable, political agenda that is deliberately crippling our economies and independence.
All is far from well in our society!

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by JohnA

Yes, it’s been a while because frankly, it’s difficult for me to keep following eco-Armageddon when I keep falling asleep or doing other stuff like living and working.

But then this popped up:

This leads to the original paper with the catchy title “Geodetic measurements reveal similarities between post–Last Glacial Maximum and present-day mass loss from the Greenland ice sheet” by Khan et al

The abstract goes (stay awake at the back!) like this

Accurate quantification of the millennial-scale mass balance of the Greenland ice sheet (GrIS) and its contribution to global sea-level rise remain challenging because of sparse in situ observations in key regions. Glacial isostatic adjustment (GIA) is the ongoing response of the solid Earth to ice and ocean load changes occurring since the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM; ~21 thousand years ago) and may be used to constrain the GrIS deglaciation history. We…

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NWO and Syria, NATO, Russia, USA, WW III – some related posts

An on-going listing of posts relevant to probably the current most-serious global issues.

Image result for russian icbm

And if you believe that Russia is the instigator, you really need to read the articles.

 25rd Sept:

Russia Prepares for War, Plans to Move Thermonuclear ICBMs to Border

23rd Sept:

Video Shows American Soldiers Posing As “Rebels,” “Fleeing” Jihadists in Syria

30 Israeli, Foreign Intelligence Officers Killed in Russia’s Caliber Missile Attack in Aleppo

 20th Sept.:

14th Sept:

War for the Golan: Israel admits Air Strikes in Syria, denies Aircraft were shot down

1st Sept: Vladimir Putin Issued A Chilling Warning To The United States

Six Weeks Ago Putin Warned U.S. Actions Leading to “Irreversible Direction,” but Mainstream News remains Silent

The West Has Played a Significant Role in Taking Syria to the Point of no Return

Aug 29th:

  Pentagon Orders Illegal Invasion Of Syria

**ALERT** PREPARE FOR THE WORSE NOW US WON’T TELL YOU: Czech Republic, NORWAY & FINLAND TOO–Local Councils Warning Citizens “Stockpile Food & Water – Prepare”!

Aug 22nd: Rats leaving the sinking ship?

Turkey’s Apparent U-Turn with Regard to Islamic State and the Syrian Border

Aug 20th:

WAR?? TURKEY Threatens US: “Give Turkey Your Nuclear Weapons at Incirlik Air Base or We Will Take Them!”

The Latest: Syrian State Paper Says Coup Attempt Fabricated

Fissures in the Empire | Paul C. Roberts

French General Calls for NATO’s Liquidation & Anti-Terror Alliance With Russia

Huge Scandal Erupts Inside NATO: Alliance Member Germany Slams NATO “Warmongering” Against Russia

China openly offers Russia an alliance against NATO

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How Much Money Do Pediatricians Really Make From Vaccines?

Hopefully, this dire situation does not also exist in Australia.
Nevertheless the principles of ‘all vaccines at any costs’, (to the patients) are present, as proven by the government mandating “vaccines or welfare benefits removed”.
So this is a wake-up call to parents that show enough concern for their own children’s health, to not blindly accept government and non-government controls which are not based on certifiable medical processes.


If you want to be sure your pediatrician has your child’s best interest, this is mandatory reading. Pediatricians around the country have begun refusing to accept families who opt out of some or all vaccines. Thanks to a tip sent to Wellness & Equality by a reader, now we know why.

When my friend’s child suffered a life-threatening reaction to a vaccine a week after her first birthday, my friend assumed her pediatrician would write her a medical exemption from future vaccines. Shortly after receiving a routine set of vaccines, the happy, vibrant one-year-old spiked a 106 degree fever, began having seizures, and was hospitalized. When the unexplained “illness” passed after a week in the hospital, the little girl had lost her ability to walk. My friend describes how her daughter, who had learned to walk several months earlier at 9 months, suddenly “stumbled around like a drunk person” for weeks following the vaccines. My friend met with a team of pediatricians, neurologists, and naturopathic doctors, and they agreed: Her daughter had suffered a…

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Big Pharma not infallible. (Anti depressants, Statins and Vaccines).

This article, titled ” Big Pharma suffers another major blow as study debunks high cholesterol myths, admitting statins are totally worthless

It’s been a tough few weeks for Big Pharma, as three major studies have now completely disproved the effectiveness of its most profitable drugs. Last week, a huge study published in The Lancet admitted that the risks of antidepressants in children and teens far outweigh the benefits, as the drugs routinely increase suicidal behavior. Out of 14 antidepressants, only one was shown to improve depression better than the placebo.

Now, scientists are reporting that cholesterol drugs, which 15 million Americans are prescribed, are also completely worthless. A group of international researchers published a study in the BMJ Open journal that found no link between what’s known as “bad” cholesterol and death as a result of heart disease in individuals over 60 years of age.

In fact, the results found that 92 percent of people with high cholesterol actually lived longer. The best way to achieve and maintain good heart health is not through medications but through healthy lifestyle habits.

The third major study in a matter of days to discredit the pharmaceutical industry, comes from the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, which found that giving children multiple vaccines at once is unsafe – a complete contradiction to the vaccine narrative shoved down everyone’s throats by government, drug companies and the media for decades.

Read the complete details here.

Natural News ‘ is a source of an enormous amount of information of great importance to our health and well-being.

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Australian Meteo Bureau Caught Fudging Numbers To ‘Prove’ Global Warming

This is a dated post but is reposted to remind readers that Australia is obviously part of the corrupted climate science that brainwashes the public.


The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has been caught red-handed manipulating temperature data to show “global warming” where none actually exists.At Amberley, Queensland, for example, the data at a weather station showing 1 degree Celsius cooling per century was “homogenized” (adjusted) by the Bureau so that it instead showed a 2.5 degrees warming per century.

At Rutherglen, Victoria, a cooling trend of -0.35 degrees C per century was magically transformed at the stroke of an Australian meteorologist’s pen into a warming trend of 1.73 degrees C per century.

Last year, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology made headlines in the liberal media by claiming that 2013 was Australia’s hottest year on record. This prompted Australia’s alarmist-in-chief Tim Flannery – an English literature graduate who later went on to earn his scientific credentials with a PhD in palaeontology, digging up ancient kangaroo bones – to observe that global warming in Australia was “like…

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Climate Science is NOT Settled

For at least a decade we have been told by the UN/IPCC, by most government media and officials, by many politicians, and by the Green “charities” and their media friends that “the science is settle…

Source: Climate Science is NOT Settled

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Climate “science” Scams – Ocean Acidification

Breitbart‘ presents this informative article, from James Delingpole,

Of all the climate “science” scams I’ve helped expose, about the worst has got to be Ocean Acidification. ”  [It helps to first read this.TGR]

Ocean Acidification: Your Chance To Help Kill This Dodgy Scam Once And For All!

The very name is a lie: no our oceans are not turning acid; still less are our corals and marine life under any threat of dissolving in what the New York Times once hysterically described as “our deadened, carbon-soaked seas”.

Yet still this junk-science scare story refuses to lie down and die because there are so many vested interests determined to prop it up.

Here is the latest egregious example. Published at The Marine Biologist (“the magazine of the marine biological community”) it purports to be a damning refutation of one of my many articles calling out the Ocean Acidification lie.

There was a time when I would have just ignored it: the guy who wrote it – one Phil Williamson – is the embodiment of Upton Sinclair’s dictum that “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

Not only is Williamson based at the “University” of East Anglia – aka Climate Alarmism Central, heavily featured in the Climategate scandal – but since 2010 he has been paid as Science Coordinator of the UK Ocean Acidification research programme. This project has received around £12.5 million of UK government funding, most it provided by the Natural Environment Research Council (for which conveniently Williamson also works).

Also: who reads The Marine Biologist anyway? Many, many fewer people than will have read my original pieces at Breitbart (here and here ) and in the Spectator.

But to ignore articles like Williamson’s is, I have learned from experience, a grave mistake. Like an untreated wound they have a nasty habit of going septic. They need to be cauterised lest they turn gangrenous.

Here are some examples of what I mean:

Complete article linked here.

Related supporting articles:

Inconvenient: Giant Coral Reef That ‘Died’ In 2003 Teeming With Life Again


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Bill McKibben Goes Full Jackboot on Climate Change


Watts Up With That?


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Bill McKibben wants the world to wage war against Climate Change, by giving governments full wartime powers to seize private property and coerce businesses into supporting the effort, and with strict government control of the economy.


We’re under attack from climate change—and our only hope is to mobilize like we did in WWII.
August 15, 2016

In the North this summer, a devastating offensive is underway. Enemy forces have seized huge swaths of territory; with each passing week, another 22,000 square miles of Arctic ice disappears. Experts dispatched to the battlefield in July saw little cause for hope, especially since this siege is one of the oldest fronts in the war. “In 30 years, the area has shrunk approximately by half,” said a scientist who examined the onslaught. “There doesn’t seem anything able to stop this.”


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Exploitation of Environment and Climate for Political Agenda Reverses Education and Research Processes

While on the subject of the ‘climate change’ debacle, this post deserves inclusion as it deals with a most important aspect of the public brainwashing element. The corruption of the education system(s).
An extract:
” There is also general agreement that unsustainable consumption and production patterns are contributing to the unsustainable use of natural resources and environmental degradation as well as to the reinforcement of social inequities and of poverty with the above-mentioned consequences for demographic parameters.

It was a short, well orchestrated, jump from this to the textbooks and curricula of the education system in Western countries. The indoctrination of the youth was underway. Now they graduate from high school fully immersed in all the propaganda of environmental and climate science. They go to higher levels of education as the conservative, planet saving warriors, who only take courses from professors who say what they want to hear. It falls to the older classically trained, and through that, open-minded professors and academics, to fight for sanity, reason and the truth. Sadly, they are dying off as Steyn and I discovered as we try to test facts and logic in the last refuge where reason might prevail. This hope was tested and proven in the judgment of Justice Burton in the demand for balance beyond propaganda in the classroom by parent Stuart Dimmock.

The context and nub of the dispute are the statutory provisions described in their side headings as respectively relating to “political indoctrination” and to the “duty to secure balanced treatment of political issues” in schools, now contained in ss406 and 407 of the Education Act 1996, which derive from the identical provisions in ss44 and 45 of the Education (No 2) Act 1986.

Justice Burton did not ban showing Gore’s movie but did comment

” I viewed the film at the parties’ request. Although I can only express an opinion as a viewer rather than as a judge, it is plainly, as witnessed by the fact that it received an Oscar this year for best documentary film, a powerful, dramatically presented and highly professionally produced film. It is built round the charismatic presence of the ex-Vice-President, Al Gore, whose crusade it now is to persuade the world of the dangers of climate change caused by global warming. It is now common ground that it is not simply a science film – although it is clear that it is based substantially on scientific research and opinion – but that it is a political film, albeit of course not party political. “”

Watts Up With That?

Guest opinion: Dr. Tim Ball

While preparing a list of witnesses for my upcoming trial in February 2017, I was reminded of a pattern that contradicts the natural order of education and research. The issue was triggered by a comment by Mark Steyn.

~Climate mullah Michael E Mann’s lawsuit against me has been stalled in the clogged latrine of DC justice for four years – indeed, it’s stalled so long that a key witness has died. So this month I filed a “Renewed Request for Expedited Hearing and to Lift Stay of Discovery” to get the buggers moving again.

The natural and necessary order is that students are urged to question. They should follow the advice of Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta.

Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it.

Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many.


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Svensmark: “global warming stopped and a cooling is beginning” – “enjoy global warming while it lasts”

A flashback to reinforce the previous post.
Scientists(?) who lay their reputations on the statement “the (climate) science is settled” have much to regret and a great responsibility for misleading governments into literally destroying the world’s economies.

Watts Up With That?

UPDATED: This opinion piece from Professor Henrik Svensmark was published September 9th in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. Originally the translation was from Google translation with some post translation cleanup of jumbled words or phrases by myself. Now as of Sept 12, the translation is by Nigel Calder.  Hat tip to Carsten Arnholm of Norway for bringing this to my attention and especially for translation facilitation by Ágúst H Bjarnason – Anthony

Catainia photosphere image August 31st, 2009 - click for larger image

While the sun sleeps

Translation approved by Henrik Svensmark

While the Sun sleeps
Henrik Svensmark, Professor, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen

“In fact global warming has stopped and a cooling is beginning. No climate model has predicted a cooling of the Earth – quite the contrary. And this means that the projections of future climate are unreliable,” writes Henrik Svensmark.

The star that keeps us alive has, over the last few years, been almost free of sunspots, which are…

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