UPDATED: UK’s “novichok” claim exposed as lies: what is the current reality of the Skripal case?

Until we know what the true aims are we simply can’t accept anything told to us at face value. Everything should be open to question.
Makes good sense!
Yet our Australian government take unproven claims at face value and actually act on them.
Proof of an agenda in action.  Entirely lacking any justification.
Another sad day for Australians.


Former UK ambassador Craig Murray has released the following information on his blog regarding Theresa May’s claims in parliament on Wednesday that Russia must be held responsible for the alleged poisoning of Sergey Skripal and his daughter (our emphasis):

I have now received confirmation from a well placed FCO source that Porton Down scientists are not able to identify the nerve gas as being of Russian manufacture, and have been resentful of the pressure being placed on them to do so. Porton Down would only sign up to the formulation “of a type developed by Russia” after a rather difficult meeting where this was agreed as a compromise formulation.

…Until this week, the near universal belief among chemical weapons experts, and the official position of the OPCW, was that “Novichoks” were at most a theoretical research programme which the Russians had never succeeded in actually synthesising and manufacturing. That…

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HPV Vaccines – Serious Accusations

HPV Documentary “Sacrificial Virgins” Wins Australian BEST OF FESTIVAL Award

by Catherine J. Frompovich

What are “sacrificial virgins,” you may be asking?

They are young, pre-teen and/or teenage girls, who are targeted for receiving the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines [Gardasil®, Gardasil 9® and Cervarix®] prior to becoming sexually active under the unproven pretext of preventing contracting HPV of which there are over 100 strains, and/or cervical cancer later on in life.

This extraordinary investigative documentary film is produced in three parts:

This presentation is highly acclaimed and deserves to be, for its information, however its presentation is somewhat repetitive and, for me, detracts from its impact.
So, it could have told us less, but more importantly, told us more.

It’s concentration on aluminium adjuvants, in the absence of its other constituents, does not offer any explanation as to why HPV vaccines are clearly more dangerous than other vaccines, some of which also use the same adjuvants.

It does highlight the very serious adverse effects which are statistically and logically connected to the HPV vaccines,

It also shows that there are serious deficiencies in the pharmaceutical industries procedural, scientific and ethical standards. These deficiencies likewise apply to the overseeing authorities and even the medical practitioner levels.

As mentioned above, this documentary is important and revealing,  It is linked here.

In researching this subject I have found an even more telling article, another of many, and well-worth including::

U.S. Pediatricians Sound Alarm on Gardasil HPV Vaccine Dangers

From “Vaccine Impact”  by Jefferey Jaxen
Health Impact News




It provides insights into other factors, and begins:


The American College of Pediatricians (ACP) is a national organization of pediatricians and other healthcare professionals dedicated to the health and well-being of children. The College currently has members in 47 states and several countries outside of the U.S.

Their recent press release is serving to sound the alarm to the public, the medical community and politicians that the HPV vaccine is not as safe as manufacturers Merck (Gardasil) and GlaxoSmithKline (Cervarix) would want us to believe.
Gardasil is Sterilizing Young Women

Scott Field, M.D., FCP, who currently serves on ACP’s board of directors, was the primary author on the warning released on behalf of ACP titled Primary Concerns About the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine which states:

“It has recently come to the attention of the College that one of the recommended vaccines [HPV] could possibly be associated with the very rare but serious condition of premature ovarian failure (POF), also known as premature menopause.”

Although ACP’s paper states that POF is a “very rare but serious condition,” their own investigative findings in the paper seem to hint at a more wide spread problem by stating:

“Most primary care physicians are probably unaware of a possible association between HPV4 and POF and may not consider reporting POF cases or prolonged amenorrhea (missing menstrual periods) to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).”

ACP’s paper goes on to state that, despite the medical community’s ignorance of a possible association between the HPV shot and POF, there has been 213 cases reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). The report continues by making a case to concluded that:

“The overwhelming majority (76%) of VAERS reports since 2006 with ovarian failure, premature menopause, and/or amenorrhea are associated solely with Gardasil®.”

Is there a possible culprit contributing to POF that is specific only in the Gardasil shot? ACP’s paper stated:

“Few other vaccines besides Gardasil® that are administered in adolescence contain polysorbate 80.”

The Material Safety and Data Sheet (MSDA) does not address the effects of polysorbate through injection. Yet, in MSDA’s toxicology section under special remarks on chronic and toxic effects on humans states that Polysorbate 80:

“May cause adverse reproductive effects based on animal studies.”

A conclusion of ACP’s study states:

“A causal relationship between human papillomavirus vaccines (if not Gardasil® specifically) and ovarian dysfunction cannot be ruled out at this time.”

HPV Research Fraud Confirmed

The whole article here.

Particularly note the long list included near the end, of relevant links.

SO, when are the public going to see some changes to an obviously serious issue affecting our youngster’s health and well-being?

Surely they are sorely needed!  So many questions, so few answers.

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Alarmists throw in the towel on poor quality surface temperature data – pitch for a new global climate reference network

Why data used for concocting a global temperature average is not good enough. In fact, it can never be a meaningful result. There are far too many factors involved.

Watts Up With That?

From the Journal of International Climatology and the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” department.

To me, this feels like vindication. For years, I’ve been pointing out just how bad the U.S. and Global Surface monitoring network has been. We’ve seen stations that are on pavement, at airports collecting jet exhaust, and failing instruments reading high, and right next to the heat output of air conditioning systems.

USHCN Climate station at the University of Arizona – in a parking lot Photo: Warren Meyer

Raleigh Durham Airport ASOS station – om Asphalt – next to the Tarmac. Photo: Google Earth

USHCN Climate Station at Napa, CA. Photo: Anthony Watts

We’ve been told it “doesn’t matter” and that “the surface monitoring network is producing good data”. Behind the scenes though, we learned that NOAA/NCDC scrambled when we reported this, quietly closing some of the worst stations, while making feverish and desperate…

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Black Holes – Really?

Just waiting for dinner and thought about the enigma of what are termed “black holes”.

What an unfortunate name to apply to a large, extremely dense mass.  I suppose an accurate term might be “black mass” but that has unfortunate connotations 🙂 .

They ‘appear’ as holes simply because light can not be emitted from them, explanation follows.

But there can be objects “on the other side” far enough away to not be part of the black hole, you would obviously not see them, as you might if there was really a hole.

So, any science fiction that suggests they can become a minute singularity, through which one might pass into another universe, perhaps, makes no sense, to me!

This is both serious and for fun, just as a light diversion.

Refer to ” https://science.nasa.gov/astrophysics/focus-areas/black-holes ” for serious information.

Don’t let the name fool you: a black hole is anything but empty space. Rather, it is a great amount of matter packed into a very small area – think of a star ten times more massive than the Sun squeezed into a sphere approximately the diameter of New York City. The result is a gravitational field so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape. In recent years, NASA instruments have painted a new picture of these strange objects that are, to many, the most fascinating objects in space.

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The Fall of Australia: An overview of new ‘anti-terrorism’ legislation


The Australian Government has now called for another overhaul on 05/10/17 and we will keep readers updated on details as they are formally released before parliament.

Visit our Intelligence archive to stay up-to-date with new articles and developments on the subject. ”
A balanced viewpoint on Australia’s need for strong anti-terror laws and the under-lying agenda to reduce citizens’ freedoms. It’s a serious issue.


Lead Who are the real terrorists? Photo: PD



The Australian Government has now called for another overhaul on 05/10/17 and we will keep readers updated on details as they are formally released before parliament.

Visit our Intelligence archive to stay up-to-date with new articles and developments on the subject.


News has emerged this week that Tony Abbott is committing Australian forces back to Iraq to assist the US-led coalition fight against ‘ISIS extremists’ in the region, following a number of counter-terrorism raids and foiled ‘beheading plots’ over the past month.

As a result, the Australian government has now passed a new amendment to existing ‘anti-terrorism’ legislation to combat domestic threats at home, with two more legislative pieces expected to be introduced and passed by the end of the year.

In the following…

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Australian mother publishes book exposing dangers of vaccines | TOTT News

” Agnotology – or “culturally induced ignorance by the publication of inaccurate or misleading scientific data” – regarding vaccines and their pseudoscience have negatively impacted human health due to fraudulent propaganda “


New book reveals the light on the vaccine industry in Australia. Photo: Supplied

An Australian mother has published a new book detailing the dangers of vaccinations, revealing new information about effective subversive and subterranean aspects of vaccines into the public arena, shining a much-needed spotlight on how propaganda, consensus science and fraudulent information about a corporate product – vaccines – has been sold as safe.

Agnotology in Vaccines, a new book published by mother-of-four Pixie Seymour, exposes an extensive list of names and joins the dots of the vaccine industry in Australia and around the world – attempting to “end a culture of ignorance by lifting the lid on the foul practice that is agnotology in vaccines”.


Agnotology – or “culturally induced ignorance by the publication of inaccurate or misleading scientific data” – regarding vaccines and their pseudoscience have negatively impacted human health due…

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A must-read: The Politically Incorrect Guide® to Climate Change

More science-based truth about the “climate change” alarmism.
A book providing real and convincing knowledge that makes one realize the degree of the political agenda that has, so far, brainwashed the public and allowed political leaders to make unjustified decisions about unnecessary, destructive industrial and social upheavals.

Watts Up With That?

My friend Marc Morano of Climate Depot has a new book out now “The Politically Incorrect Guide® to Climate Change” which is one of many books in the The Politically Incorrect Guide® series that are now available from Regnery Publishing.

I had an early review copy, and here is what I wrote about the book, listed in the beginning section of the book:

“This book covers the history of climate, from the global cooling ‘coming ice age’ scare of the 70s to the ‘we have just a few years left to save the planet’ that characterizes the current global warming scare. Written in a light reading style, virtually every page is meticulously referenced with sources for the points he makes. Love him or hate him, Morano is very effective in conveying the history and the climate flim-flammery under the guise of science that has been going on the last few decades, mostly thanks to huge government funding of…

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the politicization and corruption of science

A very impressive article.
Hard to imagine why readers would not find this convincing!


In doing science, you see where the data leads.  After collecting data, conducting field and/or laboratory tests, and testing hypotheses, you draw conclusions based on the data and test results.  If scientists willfully violate this rule of practice, then they are conducting pseudo science, or if you prefer, “fake” science.  Scientists – objective, impartial, dispassionate and ethical practitioners that is – do not start with a conclusion (a prejudiced, preferred conclusion), and then go cherry picking data to fit that desired outcome, and along the way, bury, exclude or ignore data that contradicts the desired outcome.

(If this process or modus operandi sounds familiar, it is because historians-cum-propagandists do this, too.  Inconvenient facts that contradict the politically desired narrative are ignored and suppressed.  We have previously addressed the problems with Western historiography.  Of course, Western journalists are guilty of ignoring and burying inconvenient facts on a daily basis.)

She blinded…

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Previous Identification of Groupthink: Part of Why the Public Doesn’t Believe in Global Warming

Enlightenment regarding the mindsets of the public and those of the warming alarmists.
If readers would like to understand my personal conclusions and beliefs, and why I am a CAGW critical activist, it can be understood from this post.

Watts Up With That?

Guest Opinion: Dr. Tim Ball

I published the following article on Canada Free Press (CFP) in 2010. I also posted it to my web site in 2012. This posting was required because CFP withdrew all my articles from their archive at my request. I did this because CFP published an apology written by Roger McConchie, lawyer for IPCC author and Green Party leader in British Columbia, Andrew Weaver. I was not aware of this action but in the three lawsuits filed against me by McConchie he also files against the outlet for the article. I pursued a “not guilty” defense against the lawsuit and as was reported here, the judge dismissed the case.

The article is republished here to illustrate that many are starting to realize what I realized years ago, the extent and manner of the deception. As I explained in court and elsewhere, most people can’t believe that…

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Healthy gym fanatic set to lose all his fingers and toes after catching the FLU after getting the FLU VACCINE and being told he was in ‘top shape’ at his physical days earlier

The lack of medical integrity in vaccination methods and programs is glaring!


–Joei Smith, 33, got the flu shot in December and passed his physical days later –But that week he started to feel dizzy and weak at work; he went to urgent care –At hospital he was diagnosed with flu, sepsis, pneumonia and kidney failure

| 07 Feb 2018 | A man is set to lose his fingers and toes today after a month-long battle with the flu. Joei Smith, 33, was told he had just 24 hours to live when he arrived at the ER in Dallas, Texas, on December 29. Smith, a self-confessed ‘gym head’, had got the flu vaccine early in the season, and was in top shape during his annual physical in mid-December. But a week later, he started feeling dizzy at work, and that slowly turned into weakness.

Healthy gym fanatic set to lose all his fingers and toes after catching the FLU after getting the…

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