NASA’s top climate science modeler said…

There is a need to promote this post. A need for the public to be aware of the unscientific bases supporting the unsupportable claims from the top drivers of pseudo science that still is grimly clung to by political agenda mongols.
All their predictions are now shown to be incorrect, yet they still somehow have respect.


On June 24, 2008, Associated Press (AP) and the channels that distribute AP reported that Dr. James Hansen, NASA’s chief climate modelling expert, told Congress, “We’re toast if we don’t get on a different path.”  And, “This is the last chance.” And, “The thing that I think is the most important is to block coal-fired power plants.”

“We see a tipping point occurring right before our eyes,” Hansen told AP.  “The Arctic is the tipping point and it’s occurring exactly the way we said it would,” he said.

“Hansen, echoing work by other scientists,  said that in five to 10 years, the Arctic will be free of ice in summer.”

U.S. Senator Ed Markey, Democrat of Massachusetts (a U.S. Representative in 2008) and head of the committee that heard Dr. Hansen’s testimony, added, “Dr. Hansen was right. Twenty years later, we recognize him as a climate prophet.”

As I write…

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Aussie PM: Coal to Hydrogen Plant Part of the Seamless Transition to Clean Energy

Would be interesting to see the detailed financials. Reading the already many comments, many important factors need to be assessed.
Regarding the costs, Japan receives the energy output but at what costs and benefits to whom?

CO2 generation, apparently the only ‘by-product’, is of course some sort of dilemma, but only if you believe the pseudo science of the alarmists. It might even be welcome if, as some believe, we are entering a little ice age period. and then, only if atmospheric CO2 actually does make a difference!
Hopefully, this energy production will have less of the subsidization required for solar and wind energies.

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Geoff Sherrington – Coal is being rehabilitated as an essential component of the clean energy future.

World-first coal to hydrogen plant trial launched in Victoria

ABC Gippsland By Kellie Lazzaro
Updated Thu at 2:03pm

A world-first trial to use brown coal to make hydrogen has been launched in Victoria’s east as a pilot ‘clean energy’ project that is expected to create 400 jobs — but critics and coal industry experts alike said new measures will be needed to tackle the carbon emissions generated.

A demonstration plant will be built in the Latrobe Valley as part of the $496 million project to develop technology to produce hydrogen from the region’s vast reserves of coal.

The hydrogen would be shipped from the Port of Hastings to Japan under the deal with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, J-Power, Iwatani Corporation, Marubeni and the Japanese Government.

The Federal and Victorian…

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The Path to War ( Courtesy – RT)

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Man’s Inhumanity to Man – Syria Attacks are Potential Trigger to WW III

Citizens Electoral Council of Australia

Media Release Friday, 13 April 2018

Provides two plausible and convincing articles, lengthy but informative, that should be compulsory reading for Australian citizens.

A revelation of “False-Flags”, Lies and Blatant Warmongering.

My emphases in blue!


Australian Alert Service   11 April 2018  Vol. 20 No. 15

Will Trump start WWIII over the least plausible false flag yet?

By Richard Bardon

11 Apr.—US warships are reportedly steaming towards Syria and the Russian military is on high alert, as the world awaits US President Donald Trump’s response to another Syrian Army “chemical attack” that never happened.  If Trump follows through on his threat to exact a “big price” from Russia and Iran for supporting the legitimate, elected government of Syria, he may bring about the nuclear holocaust he himself warned against in February 2017, in his first press conference as President.

The parallels to the events of a year ago are enough to induce déjà vu . On 7 April 2017, less than three months into his presidency and just three weeks after that press conference, Trump reneged on his campaign promise to get out of Syria and his pledge to try to “get along” with Russia, and instead ordered a cruise missile attack on a Syrian Air Force base, ostensibly as retribution for a sarin gas attack three days earlier in the jihadist-occupied town of Khan Sheikhoun, in the Idlib Governorate of western Syria (AAS 12 Apr. 2017, pp. 3-6). Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Gen.-Maj. Igor Konashenkov had explained on 5 April 2017 that the Syrian Air Force had in fact carried out an airstrike—with conventional munitions—on the eastern outskirts of Khan Sheikhoun, which  destroyed “a major ammunition storage facility … [which] housed workshops to produce projectiles stuffed with toxic agents. From this major arsenal, chemical-laden weapons were delivered by militants to Iraq.” Konashenkov suggested that civilians could have been affected by toxic smoke from the burning jihadist facility, and added that all relevant data had been forwarded to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) for study. American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh later confirmed Russia’s story via his own contacts in the US intelligence community, who had been advised of the airstrike well in advance via the US-Russian “de-confliction” channel; and this February, Trump’s defence secretary James Mattis admitted to reporters that the USA has no evidence of the Assad government having ever used chemical weapons.

On 29 March 2018, during a speech on his plans to fix the USA’s crumbling infrastructure, Trump again touted an imminent US withdrawal from Syria. With ISIS all but vanquished, “we’re going to be coming out of there real soon”, he said. “Going to get back to our country where we belong, where we want to be.”

The Wall Street Journal reported 31 March that Trump, overruling his advisors’ objections, had ordered the State Department to freeze US$200 million earmarked for operations in Syria.

And at a 3 April White House press conference, Trump reiterated: “I want to get out [of Syria]. I want to bring our troops back home. I want to start rebuilding our nation. … Seven trillion dollars [spent on wars in the Middle East] over a 17 year period, we have nothing—nothing except death and destruction. It’s a horrible thing. So it’s time.” Reports emerged 2 April that Trump had also invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to a bilateral summit in the coming months, potentially at the White House, to begin anew the process of normalising US-Russia relations.

Meanwhile in Syria, with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies on the verge of fully reclaiming Damascus’s Eastern Ghouta region from jihadist occupation, the infamous White Helmets—the same al-Qaeda-linked, US/UK-funded propaganda construct that staged last year’s non-existent sarin attack—on 8 April uploaded video of what they claimed were civilian victims of a chlorine gas attack the previous evening in Douma township, Eastern Ghouta’s last jihadist enclave. And just like last year, Trump turned on a dime to condemn Assad—and this time Russia and Putin personally, to boot. “Many dead, including women and children, in mindless CHEMICAL attack in Syria”, Trump raged on Twitter. “Area of atrocity is in lockdown and encircled by Syrian Army, making it completely inaccessible to outside world. President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal  Assad. Big price to pay. … Another humanitarian disaster for no reason whatsoever. SICK!”   [ A puppet on strings, pulled from ‘above’, obviously. ]

On 9 April Trump announced that he would decide upon a response within 48 hours. (The missile strike on Syria’s Tiyas military airbase earlier that day was launched by Israeli jets operating illegally over Lebanon, and was apparently not related to the situation in Douma.) Sputnik News reported 10 April that the US Navy guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook has moved into Tomahawk missile range off the Syrian coast, while according to the Wall Street Journal its sister ship USS Porter is en route. The Porter was one of the two ships which carried out last year’s strike.

Grave consequences

Russia’s Foreign Ministry warned in an 8 April press release that “military interference in Syria … under contrived and false pretexts is absolutely unacceptable and can lead to very grave consequences”—a warning reiterated by Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya at a UN Security Council meeting the next day.

Already on 13 March Russia’s Chief of General Staff Gen. Valery Gerasimov reported that jihadists in Eastern Ghouta were planning a false-flag chemical weapon attack to justify a “massive US strike” against the Syrian government. According to TASS, Gerasimov stated that there are Russian officials and military police working in Syrian Defence Ministry facilities throughout Damascus, and that “in the event of a threat to our military servicemen’s lives, Russia’s Armed Forces will take retaliatory measures to target both the missiles and their delivery vehicles.”

According to independent journalist and political analyst John Helmer, the longest-serving foreign correspondent in Russia, Moscow’s warnings should be taken deadly seriously.  Alluding to the recent string of Western provocations against Russia, which culminated with the British-engineered travesty surrounding allegedly poisoned ex-Russian intelligence officer turned MI6 agent Sergei Skripal, Helmer wrote 9 April on his blog ‘Dances with Bears’: “When the rule of law was destroyed in Salisbury, London and The Hague, and the rule of fraud declared in Washington, that leaves only the rule of force in the world.

The Stavka [an old term for a High Command comprising cabinet-level civil officials and the General Staff] met in Moscow on Good Friday and is ready. The Foreign Ministry announced on Sunday ‘the gravest consequences’. This means one American shot at a Russian soldier, then we are at war. Not infowar, not cyberwar, not economic war, not proxy war. World War.”

Presuming the Trump Administration does not start WWIII in the coming days, the Douma false flag will likely be proven such in very short order—ironically, for the very reasons Trump railed at in his Twitter rant. In Khan Sheikhoun last year, the jihadists and their Western intelligence handlers controlled the scene; but Douma is now fully under SAA and Russian control, and the OPCW has accepted their invitation to investigate the alleged incident. At the UN on Monday, Nebenzya advised that Russian chemical weapons experts were already on the scene,and had discovered no traces of chemical weapons of anysort, while interviews of local residents, medical personnel and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent had turned up no accounts of any victims having been treated, contrary to the White Helmets’ claims. Whether the Trump Administration awaits the OPCW’s findings, or rushes to war to pre-empt them, remains to be seen.

Israeli atrocities in Gaza expose Western hypocrisy

By Richard Bardon

Western governments refuse to so much as censure Israel for its shocking murder of unarmed protestors in full view of television cameras. This is the very same crime alleged against Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad in 2011, and the mere allegation supposedly justified the Western-backed regime-change assault against Syria that is still ongoing.

The difference is that what the West called “protestors” in Syria were in fact armed extremists, many of them foreigners, who had infiltrated political rallies; and in many cases the Syrian Army lost men precisely because they refused to risk killing civilians by returning fire. In Palestine, the situation is reversed: Israeli occupation forces, among them fundamentalist Zionist fanatics recruited from around the world, openly massacre men, women and children whose land they have usurped, and get off scot-free by labelling their victims “terrorists”.

The West’s collective failure to condemn Israel’s atrocities is both reprehensible in itself, and renders meaningless all talk of “human rights”, the “rule of law” and other ideals of so-called “Western civilisation”. The fact is that Western governments are perfectly content for civilians the world over to die for Anglo-American geopolitical purposes.

As of 10 April, Israeli forces have killed 30 Palestinian civilians and injured thousands more in the Gaza Strip since “Great March of Return” demonstrations began on 30 March. Palestinians commemorate that date as “Land Day”, the day in 1976 when Israel expelled thousands of Arab families from the Galilee and confiscated their land.

The protests are set to run for six weeks, concluding on Nakba Day (Yawm al-Nakba, Arabic for “Day of Disaster”) on 15 May, the 70th anniversary of the establishment of formal “Israeli” rule over parts of Palestine in 1948.

Israeli forces killed 18 people and injured more than 1,400 on just the first day of the march, using a combination of snipers, artillery, and indiscriminate machine-gun fire, as well as tear gas and so-called sub-lethal munitions.

Al-Masdar News, citing figures from the Palestinian Red Crescent, reported that 800 people were wounded by live ammunition. Videos have circulated on the internet of Palestinian youths being picked off by Israeli snipers as they kneel in prayer in an open field, others as they run for cover. Footage published by the Israelis themselves shows no evidence of firearms amongst the protestors. Some are “armed” with hand-thrown rocks—to which Israeli soldiers respond with automatic rifle fire, on the pretext that they must prevent damage to the steel-and-barbed-wire fence that is Gaza’s border. In the days since, the Israelis have even resorted to airstrikes, supposedly targeting members of the militant Islamic Resistance Group (Hamas).

In a 31 March tweet, since deleted, the Israeli military stated of the shootings: “Nothing was carried out uncontrolled; everything was accurate and measured, and we know where every bullet landed.” According to Middle East Eye, Israeli “Defence” Minister Avigdor Liberman justified the slaughter with the claim, broadcast Sunday 8 April on Israel’s public radio, that “There are no innocent people in the Gaza Strip. Everyone’s connected to Hamas, everyone gets a salary from Hamas, and all the activists trying to challenge us and breach the border are Hamas military wing activists.”

As always, the Anglo-Americans have stepped in to provide Israel with political cover. When Kuwait on 31 March introduced to the UN Security Council a proposed statement supporting UN Secretary General António Guterres’s call for an “independent and transparent investigation” of the violence, affirming “the right to peaceful protest” and expressing “sorrow at the loss of innocent Palestinian lives”, the United States blocked it. The sole member of the US Congress to speak, even weakly, against Israel’s actions was Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, who in a 31 March tweet called the killings “tragic” and defended the Palestinians’ right to peaceful protest. In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper the following day, Sanders rejected the Israeli government’s excuse that Hamas fighters had attacked its soldiers from amongst the crowd, reiterating that the protests were non-violent and stating that Israel had “overreacted”.

In the UK, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn stood once again as Westminster’s voice of reason and principle.

In a 7 April message to Palestine Solidarity Campaign demonstrations outside government offices in Downing Street, Corbyn called the killing and wounding of Gaza protestors an outrage. “The majority of the people of the Gaza Strip are stateless refugees, subject to a decade long blockade and the denial of basic human and political rights”, Corbyn wrote. “More than two thirds are reliant on humanitarian assistance, with limited access to the most basic amenities, such as water and electricity. They have a right to protest against their appalling conditions and the continuing blockade and occupation of Palestinian land, and in support of their right to return to their homes and their right to self-determination.”

Corbyn added that “firing live ammunition into crowds of unarmed civilians is illegal and inhumane and cannot be tolerated”, and called upon the UK government to review its arms sales to Israel and support Guterres’s call for an inquiry. According to various pro-Israel lobby groups, this makes him an “anti-Semite”.

Meanwhile, as Israel is committing these atrocities in full view of the world, it is also escalating the regime-change drive against Syria. Israel bombed a Syrian airfield on 9 April following the latest fabricated chemical weapons attack in Douma, which all of the countries that stayed silent about Israel’s killings in Gaza, including the USA, UK, EU and Australia, instantly condemned without evidence. Israel also demanded US President Donald Trump bomb Syria. Israeli government think tanks are on record advocating support for the monstrous ISIS terrorists in Syria, on the grounds that they are fighting Israel’s enemies Syria and Iran.

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Ocean Temps Falling Feb. 2018

Anyone interested in science?

Science Matters


The best context for understanding decadal temperature changes comes from the world’s sea surface temperatures (SST), for several reasons:

  • The ocean covers 71% of the globe and drives average temperatures;
  • SSTs have a constant water content, (unlike air temperatures), so give a better reading of heat content variations;
  • A major El Nino was the dominant climate feature in recent years.

HadSST is generally regarded as the best of the global SST data sets, and so the temperature story here comes from that source, the latest version being HadSST3.  More on what distinguishes HadSST3 from other SST products at the end.

The Current Context

The chart below shows SST monthly anomalies as reported in HadSST3 starting in 2015 through February 2018.
Note that higher temps in 2015 and 2016 were first of all due to a sharp rise in Tropical SST, beginning in March 2015, peaking in January 2016, and steadily…

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Israel Warns US To prepare For War With Syria, Russia, Iran

Should we take this at face value?
Should we consider its truth and consequences?

Does this point to who is the real boss?

Friends of Syria

Israel warns US to prepare for war with Iran, Russia, Syria

Israel has warned the United States that is must prepare for an imminent war with Syria, Iran and Russia. 

In a recent article titled, “Why Israel needs to Prepare America for the Upcoming War in Syria,” Jpost writer Eric R. Mandel proposes that Washington must be made war-willing partners of Israel in the event of an imminent attack by the Israeli Defense Forces against Syria, Russia and Iran. reports: The article by Mandel is an outstanding example of how Israeli pro-war interest groups – speaking through right-wing Zionists in top American military and foreign policy circles – try to entice the US government and population into participating in wars that only benefit the hegemonic ambitions of Israel’s deep state.

At a time when violence in the Syrian conflict has reached an all time low due to the patient diplomatic efforts of Russia and Iran in establishing de-escalation zones, Mandel…

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UPDATED: UK’s “novichok” claim exposed as lies: what is the current reality of the Skripal case?

Until we know what the true aims are we simply can’t accept anything told to us at face value. Everything should be open to question.
Makes good sense!
Yet our Australian government take unproven claims at face value and actually act on them.
Proof of an agenda in action.  Entirely lacking any justification.
Another sad day for Australians.


Former UK ambassador Craig Murray has released the following information on his blog regarding Theresa May’s claims in parliament on Wednesday that Russia must be held responsible for the alleged poisoning of Sergey Skripal and his daughter (our emphasis):

I have now received confirmation from a well placed FCO source that Porton Down scientists are not able to identify the nerve gas as being of Russian manufacture, and have been resentful of the pressure being placed on them to do so. Porton Down would only sign up to the formulation “of a type developed by Russia” after a rather difficult meeting where this was agreed as a compromise formulation.

…Until this week, the near universal belief among chemical weapons experts, and the official position of the OPCW, was that “Novichoks” were at most a theoretical research programme which the Russians had never succeeded in actually synthesising and manufacturing. That…

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HPV Vaccines – Serious Accusations

HPV Documentary “Sacrificial Virgins” Wins Australian BEST OF FESTIVAL Award

by Catherine J. Frompovich

What are “sacrificial virgins,” you may be asking?

They are young, pre-teen and/or teenage girls, who are targeted for receiving the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines [Gardasil®, Gardasil 9® and Cervarix®] prior to becoming sexually active under the unproven pretext of preventing contracting HPV of which there are over 100 strains, and/or cervical cancer later on in life.

This extraordinary investigative documentary film is produced in three parts:

This presentation is highly acclaimed and deserves to be, for its information, however its presentation is somewhat repetitive and, for me, detracts from its impact.
So, it could have told us less, but more importantly, told us more.

It’s concentration on aluminium adjuvants, in the absence of its other constituents, does not offer any explanation as to why HPV vaccines are clearly more dangerous than other vaccines, some of which also use the same adjuvants.

It does highlight the very serious adverse effects which are statistically and logically connected to the HPV vaccines,

It also shows that there are serious deficiencies in the pharmaceutical industries procedural, scientific and ethical standards. These deficiencies likewise apply to the overseeing authorities and even the medical practitioner levels.

As mentioned above, this documentary is important and revealing,  It is linked here.

In researching this subject I have found an even more telling article, another of many, and well-worth including::

U.S. Pediatricians Sound Alarm on Gardasil HPV Vaccine Dangers

From “Vaccine Impact”  by Jefferey Jaxen
Health Impact News




It provides insights into other factors, and begins:


The American College of Pediatricians (ACP) is a national organization of pediatricians and other healthcare professionals dedicated to the health and well-being of children. The College currently has members in 47 states and several countries outside of the U.S.

Their recent press release is serving to sound the alarm to the public, the medical community and politicians that the HPV vaccine is not as safe as manufacturers Merck (Gardasil) and GlaxoSmithKline (Cervarix) would want us to believe.
Gardasil is Sterilizing Young Women

Scott Field, M.D., FCP, who currently serves on ACP’s board of directors, was the primary author on the warning released on behalf of ACP titled Primary Concerns About the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine which states:

“It has recently come to the attention of the College that one of the recommended vaccines [HPV] could possibly be associated with the very rare but serious condition of premature ovarian failure (POF), also known as premature menopause.”

Although ACP’s paper states that POF is a “very rare but serious condition,” their own investigative findings in the paper seem to hint at a more wide spread problem by stating:

“Most primary care physicians are probably unaware of a possible association between HPV4 and POF and may not consider reporting POF cases or prolonged amenorrhea (missing menstrual periods) to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).”

ACP’s paper goes on to state that, despite the medical community’s ignorance of a possible association between the HPV shot and POF, there has been 213 cases reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). The report continues by making a case to concluded that:

“The overwhelming majority (76%) of VAERS reports since 2006 with ovarian failure, premature menopause, and/or amenorrhea are associated solely with Gardasil®.”

Is there a possible culprit contributing to POF that is specific only in the Gardasil shot? ACP’s paper stated:

“Few other vaccines besides Gardasil® that are administered in adolescence contain polysorbate 80.”

The Material Safety and Data Sheet (MSDA) does not address the effects of polysorbate through injection. Yet, in MSDA’s toxicology section under special remarks on chronic and toxic effects on humans states that Polysorbate 80:

“May cause adverse reproductive effects based on animal studies.”

A conclusion of ACP’s study states:

“A causal relationship between human papillomavirus vaccines (if not Gardasil® specifically) and ovarian dysfunction cannot be ruled out at this time.”

HPV Research Fraud Confirmed

The whole article here.

Particularly note the long list included near the end, of relevant links.

SO, when are the public going to see some changes to an obviously serious issue affecting our youngster’s health and well-being?

Surely they are sorely needed!  So many questions, so few answers.

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Alarmists throw in the towel on poor quality surface temperature data – pitch for a new global climate reference network

Why data used for concocting a global temperature average is not good enough. In fact, it can never be a meaningful result. There are far too many factors involved.

Watts Up With That?

From the Journal of International Climatology and the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” department.

To me, this feels like vindication. For years, I’ve been pointing out just how bad the U.S. and Global Surface monitoring network has been. We’ve seen stations that are on pavement, at airports collecting jet exhaust, and failing instruments reading high, and right next to the heat output of air conditioning systems.

USHCN Climate station at the University of Arizona – in a parking lot Photo: Warren Meyer

Raleigh Durham Airport ASOS station – om Asphalt – next to the Tarmac. Photo: Google Earth

USHCN Climate Station at Napa, CA. Photo: Anthony Watts

We’ve been told it “doesn’t matter” and that “the surface monitoring network is producing good data”. Behind the scenes though, we learned that NOAA/NCDC scrambled when we reported this, quietly closing some of the worst stations, while making feverish and desperate…

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Black Holes – Really?

Just waiting for dinner and thought about the enigma of what are termed “black holes”.

What an unfortunate name to apply to a large, extremely dense mass.  I suppose an accurate term might be “black mass” but that has unfortunate connotations 🙂 .

They ‘appear’ as holes simply because light can not be emitted from them, explanation follows.

But there can be objects “on the other side” far enough away to not be part of the black hole, you would obviously not see them, as you might if there was really a hole.

So, any science fiction that suggests they can become a minute singularity, through which one might pass into another universe, perhaps, makes no sense, to me!

This is both serious and for fun, just as a light diversion.

Refer to ” ” for serious information.

Don’t let the name fool you: a black hole is anything but empty space. Rather, it is a great amount of matter packed into a very small area – think of a star ten times more massive than the Sun squeezed into a sphere approximately the diameter of New York City. The result is a gravitational field so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape. In recent years, NASA instruments have painted a new picture of these strange objects that are, to many, the most fascinating objects in space.

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