Australian schools are now implementing biometric identification technology

I suggest that dismissal of privacy concerns is inappropriate.


biometric-fingerprint-door-lock-vulnerabilityBiometric technology beginning to roll out in Australia. Photo: EHN

Parents have been told their concerns about privacy are ‘unwarranted’ after being advised children as young as five will have their fingerprints scanned at school as part of a controversial new biometric student attendance record-keeping program being introduced across Australia.

The system, an adaptation of previous programs that were suspended by the government due to privacy concerns, will allow students to register they are at school by placing their finger on a pad.

Parents from East Para Primary School in South Australia, the latest educational institution to adapt the new technology, havetold the Adelaide Advertiser of a briefing by electronic newsletter informing them of the fingerprint scanning system.

The program is the latest in a controversial history of attempts to implement biometric technology in Australian schools and has left privacy advocates outraged, citing increasing concerns with the unfettered use…

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Putin’s Withering Scorn for Barack Obama Laid Bare

Perhaps this provides a basis for belief that commonsense and understanding might over-ride the mainstream rhetoric and propaganda.

Covert Geopolitics

Vladimir Putin uses end of year press conference to disclose his personal feelings about US President Obama and the current US administration.

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Greetings to all at this time we like to celebrate as Christmas.

Much appreciation to all followers, especially those who contribute comments.

This internet blog enables a connection with members of the human race who choose to be aware of reality and who represent sanity in what is extensively a seriously damaged and insane society.  Working towards and hoping for a better future for ALL.

Will Scribe Image 11 Frame 01

Best wishes for the future, good health, PEACE and GOODWILL.

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MSM Calls China’s US Drone Seizure “An Act of War”; Trump Calls it “Unpresidented”

Reblogging this, not so much because of the usual confusion and pathetic politicking regarding the drone, which shows the usual warmongering mentality of the American leaders and press, but because of the inclusion of this photo proving the probability of the Pentagon attack being staged by America,

Covert Geopolitics

A so-called US Navy research sea drone that was monitoring activities in the South China Sea, and subsequently seized by the Chinese Coast Guard to “prevent danger to navigation,” is causing multiple reactions in the US media and from the US president-elect Donald Trump himself.

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These US Politicians Support GMOs Yet Dine On Organic At Home

Far too little information about GMO foods and processes is made available to the public. They appear to be rife in the USA, significantly less in Australia, but Australians would be wise to keep themselves aware. This post is informative.  Factbox: GM foods in Australia

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) have been at the center of a heated debate since their introduction in the United States in 1994. Today, the controversial foods represent 70-80 percent of Amer…

Source: These US Politicians Support GMOs Yet Dine On Organic At Home

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MSM Paints Grim Picture of Aleppo as Residents Celebrate Their Liberation

Pointing out the deliberate brainwashing of the public by the mainstream media.
An extract – ” The Washington Post’s first-sentence admission that Aleppo was never the scene of an uprising, but rather the host of an invasion lays bare all the lies that have been told since to justify the city’s occupation by groups of terrorists including US State Department-designated foreign terrorist organization Jabhat Al Nusra – quite literally Al Qaeda in Syria and progenitor of the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” itself.

With the city of Aleppo now fully liberated, it is important for the alternative media to catch these lies and the Western media’s retrospective admissions to telling them, in order to maintain momentum in favor of the Syrian people as they attempt to restore security and order across their nation. “

Covert Geopolitics

While residents of Aleppo are celebrating the liberation of their city, the mainstream media has been painting the opposite picture with sensational headlines decrying alleged atrocities and a “meltdown of humanity” they claim is happening there.

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Putin Prepares for War, Medvedev Dedicates Himself to Science

Hearing and believing the Western media blindly, ( or corruptly), the reporting Western countries leaders’ propaganda about Russia’s alleged atrocities, amounts to a willing acceptance to be brainwashed.
Here is good information providing the ‘other side’ of the story.

Covert Geopolitics

To the deep consternation of the West, the Russian economy continues to grow amidst Western sanctions. Its scientific community and military sector continue to advance even after the massive plunders against the former Soviet Union.

Its agricultural sector, on the other hand, is poised to become the global superpower in terms of non-GMO food production.


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A Response to ABC’s Media Watch’s “Shoot the Coral Messenger” Flimflam!

This reblog is in response to the current Australian “scientists” and media, blatantly misleading claim that “global warming” is devastating the Great Barrier Reef when it is quite clear that many factors are involved. (In particular El Nino warm periods).
It seems that this particular ‘outburst’ is a response to Pauline Hansen’s media release showing an example of most of the Reef being quite healthy.
And so the politically motivated wrangling goes on (and on) each side claiming scientific credibility leaving the public swayed by the mass media which is heavily biassed towards the political warming agenda.
Here is some real information, one of many posts revealed by a search on WUWT for “coral reef changes”.

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Jim Steele

Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University and author of Landscapes & Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism


Great Barrier Reef With Exposed Coral at Low Tide

Being a Yankee I just recently became aware of the Australian Broadcasting Company’s Media Watch (MW) and The Australian when I first attracted Hoegh-Guldberg and later MW’s wrath by posting my essay, The Coral Bleaching Debate: Is Bleaching the Legacy of a Marvelous Adaptation Mechanism or A Prelude to Extirpation?, to the blogosphere. The essay got widespread attention after being re-posted on Dr. Judith Curry and Watts Up With That’s websites. I garnered additional attention when The Australian’s Graham Lloyd posted a few excerpts from the essay as an alternative viewpoint. Oddly the subsequent discussions about coral resilience did not focus on coral biology and the emerging science my essay detailed…

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Jill Hennessy Victoria Health Spread Disinfo

Not doing the vaccine industry any favours, methinks.
Certainly providing even the most ardent vaccine enthusiasts something to think about.

Real News Australia

According to a new pamphlet by the Victorian Government it’s safe to inject 100,000 vaccines into a child…AT ONE TIME!

By General Maddox.

( A pamphlet published by the State Government of Victoria in Australia (pictured below)poses the question to the public, “Can vaccines overwhelm a child’s immune system?” To which they answer, “No, a child’s immune system could manage 100,000 vaccines once.*” Thesymbol at the end denoting a footnote to guide readers, in fine print, to the source of the claim.

The source stated is, Vaccines 6th edition, Plotkin, Orenstein, Offit pp. 1470-1471. Bernie Smith of The Truth Library breaks this down for us…

It is referenced back to a statement made by the infamous Dr. Paul Offit. You can meet Dr.Offit inthis video. He stated that any child could handle 10.000 vaccine antigens at once. And yes you read that right again 10.000 not…

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Severe Allergies to Peanuts, Eggs and Dairy Directly Linked to Ingredients in Common Vaccines

This suggestion has been around for a while and deserves consideration!


‘Have you read The Peanut Allergy Epidemic by historian Heather Fraser?

She begins by asking us why the peanut allergy epidemic is only found in Western cultures, where at least 4 million people experience the mysterious phenomenon, yet there are virtually no reported cases in India, where peanuts just so happen to be the main ingredient in most baby food products.

Consider this: one century ago, you couldn’t find anyone allergic to peanuts, but now it’s commonplace for parents to send EpiPens to school for the teacher and nurse to keep near to their children, just in case someone so much as opens a snack in the room that contains peanuts, or even if someone opens a food product that was so much as manufactured in “a facility that processes peanuts.”‘

Read more: Severe Allergies to Peanuts, Eggs and Dairy Directly Linked to Ingredients in Common Vaccines

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