Some Ukraine / Russia Backstory

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Ukraine & Russia have been pissing in each other’s beer for a couple of decades now. The Lame Stream Media keeps pushing the Propaganda Point (P.P.) that Russia did an “unprovoked” invasion. Yet there has been much provoking done. From bombing ethnic Russians in the Donbass, to preparing to put NATO (and NATO missiles…) in Ukraine, 5 fight minutes to Moscow… and more, stretching back to The West fomenting and funding a “color revolution” to depose a Russia Friendly leader and install one that was Western Pwned (and then set up the Biden Money Laundry, and who knows how many others feed at that trough..)

Basically, Ukraine is NOT the pristine and pure democracy of peaceful purity being advertized.

We already know about violating agreements to keep neutral, NATO not on the Russian border, respect the Donbass as a semi-autonomous Russian speaking district, and more. But what about that “Euromaidan…

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