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How dangerous are flu attacks? – How effective are flu vaccines?

Probably enough material here to write a book. Summarizing, it suffices to say that these are valid questions and the answers are by no means clear-cut. What the in-depth answers reveal is that generalizations, especially ones based on information bordering … Continue reading

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Syria – Danger of WWIII

Attempting to keep a finger on the warmongering pulse. The trouble spot most conspicuous regarding the insane, current, Western warmongering is Syria, a long way from Australia but not far enough away for us to avoid being trapped into the … Continue reading

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Vaccines – Legitimate Evidence of Adverse Reactions becoming Overwhelming!

Inspired by ‘The Internet Post’: Vaccinations,  ref: Related Articles: 23 Seniors Died After Receiving Flu Shot Sold by Pharmacies  

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9/11 – Continuing the Fight for the Truth to be Made Public.

One of my real-news sources offers these thoughts and information to try and correct the imbalance in the reporting on this horrific event.  Hope it publishes ok! Ken McMurtrie. Dear Ken, Today, CLN pays tribute to those who perished in … Continue reading

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Understanding Vaccine Issues – the Dangers and the Illusions

Direct from ‘Organic Lifestyle’ by Joel Edwards. A Look at the Vaccine Schedule and Autism Rates All too often those of us opposed to vaccines hear a simple, yet tired counterargument, “Well I had my shots as a kid and … Continue reading

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