How dangerous are flu attacks? – How effective are flu vaccines?

Probably enough material here to write a book. Summarizing, it suffices to say that these are valid questions and the answers are by no means clear-cut. What the in-depth answers reveal is that generalizations, especially ones based on information bordering on propaganda, from authorities who are heavily involved in profiteering from the process, deserve to be challenged.

Commencing with a recent CDC Facebook post encouraging Flu Vaccines,   claiming huge flu-related deaths and hospitalizations justifying sometimes even mandated vaccinations. Is it that straightforward and accurate? (Clicking on the link provides access to its readers’ comments, many of which back up the need for criticisms to be public).

According to ‘Natural News’ understanding, the answer is NO. A sample of their related posts offers a far more unbiased view of the real scenario. Note that solid references are offered to support their claims.  Click on the headings to read the whole article.

CDC caught inflating flu deaths to sell more vaccines –
CDC caught inflating flu deaths to sell more vaccines Wednesday, January 21, 2015 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) You know that “36,000” number the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is constantly throwing around as the number of people in the U.S. who supposedly die every year from influenza? It’s completely made up, and its purpose is to sell more flu vaccines, as evidenced by actual mortality data showing that only a few hundred people at most die from influenza annually.

As highlighted by the American Society of Registered Nurses (ASRN), government claims that tens or even hundreds of thousands of people are dying left and right because they aren’t getting their flu shots is total bunk. Data pulled from death certificates and the U.S. National Vital Statistics System (NVSS) reveal that very few people die from the flu, suggesting that it really isn’t much of a threat.

Compared to almost every other potential cause of death out there, the flu hardly even ranks as a threat. If you’re a woman, the data shows that you’re more likely to die during pregnancy and childbirth than from the flu. At most, only about 500 people die every year from the actual flu, and a study published in the American Journal of Public Health (AJPH) suggests that even this number is far too high.

(NaturalNews) The following video from Gary Franchi of NextNewsNetwork reveals the shocking admission by the CDC that this year’s flu vaccine doesn’t work.

As this story has gone extremely viral, I’ve also added these additional links to other news stories that report on the CDC’s admission that this year’s flu shot contains the wrong strain:

Huffington Post: “Flu Vaccine Doesn’t Protect Against This Season’s Most Dominant Strain”

(NaturalNews) Prepare to have your world rocked. What you’re about to read here will leave you astonished, inspired and outraged all at the same time. You’re about to be treated to some little-known information demonstrating why seasonal flu vaccines are utterly worthless and why their continued promotion is based entirely on fabricated studies and medical mythology.
If the whole world knew what you’re about to read here, the vaccine industry would collapse overnight.

(NaturalNews) A remarkable article was published today by authors Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null of the Progressive Radio Network ( It may be the most shocking (and important) public health article published in the last two years. If you read just one health article this entire month, make it this one.

The article is remarkable not just for its timeliness on the issue of mandatory vaccinations and public health policy, but also for its damning evidence that exposes the fraud and quackery of the vaccine industry (as well as the corruption at the CDC and WHO).

As you’ll read below, flu vaccines remain a mainstay modern medicine only because they provide a reliable source of profits for the pharmaceutical industry which now virtually dictates public health policy thanks to its powerful lobbying resources. And the CDC, for its part, has now become little more than the regulatory branch of Big Pharma, pushing vaccines on the entire population even though the scientific evidence reveals quite clearly that flu vaccines simply do not work. (Vitamin D actually works far better at preventing flu infections, but the CDC won’t recommend vitamin D to anyone.)

by: David Gutierrez, staff writer

NaturalNews) The benefits of influenza vaccines on senior citizens have been “greatly exaggerate[d],” according to a major review of the evidence published in the medical journal Lancet Infectious Diseases.

Researchers examined prior studies on the effectiveness of the vaccine, and concluded that it is impossible to tell whether flu vaccines decrease winter deaths among senior citizens at all, let alone by the vast degree often claimed.

A commonly cited statistic is that flu shots lead to a 50 percent reduction in winter deaths among the elderly. But the study authors point out that flu itself is only responsible for 5 percent of winter deaths in that population, making such a claim absurd.

Flu deaths keep mounting in people vaccinated against the flu Tuesday, February 24, … people in their 40s as mercury from vaccines causes slow, degenerative brain damage …

(NaturalNews) The official body count of this year’s flu shot victims continues to mount, as yet another previously healthy individual is reported to have died not long after getting the heavily pushed jab. Chad Rattray, a 37-year-old former hot dog vendor from Spokane, Washington, reportedly fell ill and died of complications from the flu recently, much to the sorrow of his close-knit community.

Known affectionately as “Cheddar Chad” among locals, Rattray had recently been hired as a bus driver for the Spokane Transit Authority (STA). And like millions of other Americans, he followed the advice of health authorities in getting a flu shot this year, which he presumably believed would help protect him against flu infection.

Comas, seizures and deaths now coming to Rhode Island middle school students as HPV vaccines are mandated by … Military helicopters now patrolling Beijing CDC issues flu …
(NaturalNews) The state of Rhode Island is attempting to force HPV vaccines for human papillomavirus on all middle-school-aged students, both male and female. Reports indicate that the state’s health board has decided that the HPV vaccines Gardasil (Merck & Co.) and Cervarix (GlaxoSmithKline) are perfectly safe and that all children who wish to attend school must receive one.
The mandate can only be avoided with either a medical or religious exemption, both of which are difficult to obtain in Rhode Island. This means that the vast majority of 12- and 13-year-olds in the state will be forcibly subjected to a chemical cocktail that has been linked to autoimmune disease, seizures, muscle wasting, comas, and death.
The Shocking Truth About Flu Deaths and the Flu Shot!
Health The Shocking Truth About Flu Deaths and the Flu Shot! image Tweet Pin It Follow … Brent Hunter, flu, flu deaths, flu shot, Flu Vaccine, influenza, vaccination, vaccines, …

For years, the American people have been lied to about flu shots and flu related deaths! The CDC has been telling the public for nearly a decade that there are more than 200,000 estimated hospitalizations and 36,000 estimated deaths from influenza in the U.S. every year.(1) However, these numbers are not truthful! They do not represent people who actually died from the flu. They are only estimates of other causes of death that are assumed to be flu-related. They serve only to scare millions of Americans into getting the dangerous – sometimes deadly – flu shot.

Flu Shot Scare Tactics

This Year’s flu hype and scare tactics are in full force. This makes it even more important that you understand the truth about the flu shot. Please read: 20 Reasons Why The Flu Shot Is More Dangerous Than The Flu. You may have seen this story from Monday, October 14th, 2013 regarding the first ‘flu-related‘ death of this (2013-2014) flu season. The first line of the story reads: “An adult with influenza has died in Dallas County…”(2) No specific details were released.

Interestingly, the CDC does not require states to report flu cases or flu related deaths of adults (anyone over 18 years of age). So why is this adult death so intently reported?

You may have noticed that this was not a death from the flu. It was a flu related death. We have no idea what the person actually died from. The hospital did not release that information. We are only told that an adult – who happened to have the flu – died.

So, we have a few things to consider. Sorry about including the HPV vaccine post, out of the thread but has the same unanswered questions which need to be addressed.

Conclusions The information veracity is the important issue, the messengers are just that, conveyors of information. In fact, it seems that there is less reason to trust the pharmaceutical industry and media messengers regarding the validity of their messages.

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