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130 German scientists skeptical of UN IPCC and the global warming agenda

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Open Letter – Climate Change (translated from German) Bundeskanzleramt Frau Bundeskanzerlin Dr. Angela Merkel Willy-Brandt-Strabe 1 10557 Berlin Vizerprasident Dipl. Ing. Michael Limburg 14476 Grob Glienicke Richard-Wagner-Str. 5a E-mail: Grob Glienicke 26.07.09 To the attention…

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Cannabis and our body

Plenty of health topics and posts on this blog, but nothing quite like this. Comments from learned medical readers would be appreciated.  

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The vision of technocracy

An understanding of globalism. Easy to read and follow. Simplified, but a good starting point for those not quite sure what is going on in this Orwellian world. Knowing that this is reality is helpful for greater understanding.

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Study: Brainwash the Next Generation to Promote Climate Action

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Guest essay by Eric Worrall Greens have finally worked out how to promote climate action: Create more greens, by “ingraining” children with their worldview. Study: inspiring action on climate change is more complex…

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Two Competing Narratives on Carbon Dioxide

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Is carbon dioxide our friend or our foe? Guest essay by Iain Aitken Here is a dossier of key facts about carbon dioxide (and its role in global warming): · It is an…

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