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The Maintenance Tips For Trailer’s Axle

Originally posted on Live Information Blog:
Trailer axles are made to carry huge loads on them. Therefore, you must take good care of them to keep things performing smoothly. One of the most debilitating moments for a car trailer is…

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Cancer Researcher Found Dead Following ‘Breakthrough’ Discovery

Yet another suspicious death with “skullduggery” written all over it! Also see – Holistic Doctor Death Series: Nearly 50 Dead on 1 Year Anniversary, but what’s being done?

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A veneer of certainty stoking climate alarm

Interesting, educational discussion on the credibility of CAGW (alarmist), theory, conclusions and agenda, Climate Etc. by Judith Curry In private, climate scientists are much less certain than they tell the public. – Rupert Darwall View original post 2,301 more words

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Fallacious cost-benefit analysis from PGI Chandigarh used to promote HPV vaccine

From ‘’,  ‘nsnbc International’ A fallacious and misleading health –economic evaluation published by the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, (PGI) Chandigarh, India has been challenged in the journal Cancer, notes Jacob Puliyel MD, a member of the … Continue reading

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