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New Zealand – Bitterly-cold winds, freezing temps and up to 1 metre of snow

This is a good counter to the warmist rave about all the “record” high temperatures. As a single event it scientifically carries little weight, but warmists need to be reminded that such events are just as meaningful, or not, as … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Stop Smart Meters Australia:
Occasionally SSMA receives letters from the public in relation to smart meters and the actions they have taken. We thought this letter deserves sharing. The writer of this featured letter developed severe, debilitating…

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BIS: Central Banks Cannot Continue to Prevent Global Financial Collapse

Another important NSNBC post, by Susanne Posel (OC). The picture of the global financial crisis is many faceted and painted by many different  people and organizations in many different ways. It meanders between extremes – imminent collapse and assured recovery, … Continue reading

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TSA Agents Working With Radiation Machines Develop Cancer, and more!

Originally posted on COTO Report:
By Thom Hartmann According to documents obtained by EPIC in a Freedom of Information Request – some TSA agents who work with the radiation machines daily are falling ill with cancer clusters. Plus much more……

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The Obama Administration is a ‘State Sponsor of Terrorism’

Originally posted on COTO Report:
By Michel Chossudovsky Global Research A major transition in US counter-terrorism doctrine is unfolding. While Barack Obama, following in the footsteps of  George W. Bush, remains firmly committed to waging a “Global War on Terrorism”…

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Greeks reject US doublespeak on chemtrails and climate change

Originally posted on COTO Report:
Wayne Hall, a Greece chemtrail activist, takes a look at how the US steers the discussion of climate change and geoengineering in this 15-minute video: The surest way not to understand what is happening with…

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Climate modeling EPIC FAIL – Spencer: ‘the day of reckoning has arrived’

One does not need to be a scientist to understand the significance of these graphs. Whether you choose the linear trends or the 5 year averages, it is clear that the models FAIL. What seems to be hard for the … Continue reading

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The great cholesterol myth; unfortunate consequences of Brown and Goldstein’s mistake

This post directs to an ‘Oxford Journals‘ article, author Dr Duncan Adams, Faculty of Medicine, University of Otago, discussing in detail the issue of the incorrect conclusion about blood cholesterol levels, even when fine-tuned down to the LDL component, being … Continue reading

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Syria Is Becoming Obama’s Iraq

From ‘nsnbc’, by Shamus Cook, some reality that the mainstream media either ignore or about which they tell lies. It is impossible to imagine that they simply don’t know the truth. Possibly they are slowly seeing the error of their … Continue reading

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Health and Medical Processes – The relationship is sometimes blurry.

Having just battled with my conscience and principles on another post related to a medical issue, the temptation to favour information, what I believe to be truth, and the public deserving all available advice as being more important, leads also … Continue reading

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