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Australian meat workers fight 20 percent pay cut

Here we have the classic economic paradox. All our (Australian) industries sold to overseas interests. Globalization resulting in free trade. Goods and services uncompetitive with cheap overseas labour and goods. Unions with power pushing employers to breaking point. A government … Continue reading

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Smart Meters – A special update

Although I have an on-going post Smart Meters – Are They? What about the Customers? (Draft) documenting the smart meter saga at my residence, it gets a bit unwieldy as it gets larger. So I am trying updates separately and … Continue reading

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In a noticeable new trend of secret meetings, diabolic greed-driven globalists could be planning your demise.

This is an ‘IntelliHub.com’ post, by Shepard Ambellas, which is of some significance. That is, if one is at all interested in the future of your children and has a desire to understand the real world. The real world as … Continue reading

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Four Winds 10 posts this video which alerts American citizens to a possible catastrophic future outcome. Believe what you will, but many questions are raised which lead to this conclusion.   Regarding the 1st related article below – sure the … Continue reading

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