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TSA Agents Working With Radiation Machines Develop Cancer, and more!

Originally posted on COTO Report:
By Thom Hartmann According to documents obtained by EPIC in a Freedom of Information Request – some TSA agents who work with the radiation machines daily are falling ill with cancer clusters. Plus much more……

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The Obama Administration is a ‘State Sponsor of Terrorism’

Originally posted on COTO Report:
By Michel Chossudovsky Global Research A major transition in US counter-terrorism doctrine is unfolding. While Barack Obama, following in the footsteps of  George W. Bush, remains firmly committed to waging a “Global War on Terrorism”…

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Greeks reject US doublespeak on chemtrails and climate change

Originally posted on COTO Report:
Wayne Hall, a Greece chemtrail activist, takes a look at how the US steers the discussion of climate change and geoengineering in this 15-minute video: The surest way not to understand what is happening with…

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