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Why the CIA is Involved in Geoengineering Projects

Published  By Susanne Posel on nsnbc: The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has commissioned a study with the national Academy of Sciences (NSA) to determine of geoengineering would allow humans to alter the weather of the planet and halt the forces of man-made … Continue reading

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Greeks reject US doublespeak on chemtrails and climate change

Originally posted on COTO Report:
Wayne Hall, a Greece chemtrail activist, takes a look at how the US steers the discussion of climate change and geoengineering in this 15-minute video: The surest way not to understand what is happening with…

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Climate Manipulation or Humanity Manipulation – Method in their Madness?

Jochen Prantl’s article in the ‘JakartaGlobe’ introduces yet a further depth of human folly, apparently sponsored or supported by the UK’s Royal Society. Geo-engineering, its called. His article is titled “Should We Engineer Earth’s Climate?” With the wide acceptance of … Continue reading

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