Main world issues:

Carbon Trading and all its ramifications:

Probably world issue #1. It clearly reeks of ‘Big Brother’ in action.

If it was just a matter of planet climate changes it might be serious enough. But only if they are probably a danger to our civilization. Even then, if due to natural causes, the only human response that would be necessary would be to adjust our habitat or lifestyles to suit. Perhaps still a serious issue but a different matter entirely to our current approach.

However, if due to man-made influences, it would make sense to adjust these influences to counter the dangerous aspects, in an effective way!

The reality is that the assessment of the planet’s climate variability is not being honestly and genuinely achieved. This falseness also applies to the proposed and current activities intended/claimed to improve our environment.

The ‘Golden Rule’ aim is to expose and highlight these falsities. The pages under the heading of ‘Carbon Attack’, and the posts listed there-in and in the ‘post archives’, support this hypothesis.

In addition, other websites offering additional information and support are linked in the sidebar list headed ‘Climate Change’.


Now getting sorted in ideas, understanding and exposure.

See ‘Page’ “New World Order”

War on Terror, and its ramifications:

The 9/11 issue with its clearly dishonest and inadequate  commission report.

Which Americans are guilty of complicity?

Which organization is the prime suspect? Mossad?

The farce of blaming Osama bin Laden, when it suits, and with no evidence or  substantiation from the US authorities, The farce of bin Laden’s “killing”.

The excuse for attacking/invading Afghanistan.

The list goes on!

Nuclear Issues:

Fukushima NPP failure and radiation catastrophe!

Peaceful Nuclear Power issues – dangers, accidents, real costs, radioactive waste.

Uranium supplies and controls.

Serious accidents, Radiation poisoning and health issues.

Authorities, government and media cover-ups.

US hegemony:

More trouble than Hitler, it would seem. Where does Zionism come in? Also UK?

World Financial Crises:

Banking Frauds and political debauchery.

Natural Disasters:

Volcanoes, earthquakes, Tsunamis, ?HAARP(not natural but associated, if real), climate anomalies.

Other important world issues:


Are We Nearing The End of Civilization?

Religion, if I live long enough!

Law and Order, a thing of the past.



October 2017. Earlier commentary on this topic is not because I don’t believe in the possibility, in fact I think a probability of ET influence/presence on our planet, but because it is too huge a subject which could overwhelm my time and energy.

The main aspect I see is the potential for our human evolution being very much a result of ET involvement. To what extent? Racial differences, behavioural differences, in fact, possibly our origins.

The trigger for this addition to the blog, is:


Origin of the Universe.

Big Bang Theory:

Evolution, again if I live long enough.

Speed of Light.

Parodoxes are not acceptable.

Our time unit is not a constant so all our science is suspect!

Einstein: He suggested that he was not infallible!

Closer to home:

Health/Food/GMO, important if the planet continues to support humanity.

Relationships: Probably too close to home.

Aus politics: Basically irrelevant, except for the corruption.

Taxes: Unfair, unjust, unsupportable, unstoppable.

Police State: Many places, soon to come to Australia. ‘1984’

corruption/self judgement: a philosophy, low priority.

Life & Death: More philosophy.

Town & Country: The joys of life in relation to the environment.

12 Responses to Topics

  1. authorthat says:

    Great blog. Have a look at The Blogathon Philabuster, for similar articles commenting on issues, and video interviews.Obviously I haven’t had the time to devote to this compared to the work here.

  2. authorthat says:

    You are most welcome Ken. Perhaps the following will inspire you in recognizing what is important to you and what is marking ( our limited) time in circles.
    The ancient science of energetics is so powerful, that it has the ability to solve the majority of life’s challanges. It is “THE” ultimate weaponized earth weapon. The catches like it’s applications are multiple. Humanity must have enough of us lead by the heart, because our nature is dual, and nothing happens in the energetic/physical that does not already have legal ground in the spiritual which is it’s foundation. The analogy here is the spiritual would be the subconcious mind and the energetic or physical is the concious mind. This allows for spiritual legal grounds for assistance by the angelic race to prevent current interference and the direction of our civilization. The current plan is to use this hidden knowledge to solve all our problems if we take the mark.
    Applications are in three categories and each have multiple uses. This knowledge taught to all, exposes our true nature to us since it functions by it’s laws like physics. That’s why it’s vital to learn of it. This also means we can no longer be lied to, like those who off handedly say we can’t do anything about the weather. If we already knew our nature and that of all life, we would not live the way we do as a civilization and allow our selves to be manipulated.

    The main categories are Geoenergetics, as applied to all non living systems. Bioenergetics, as applied to all living systems. Psycoenergetics, as applied to the mind and emotion of all sentient life. All life is frequency based since God “spoke ” creation into existance. Followed of course by angelic revolution and corruption by one third. The structure of corruption has taken the form of the pyramid, while perfection is represented by the cube. Having left their first estate or condition, all that remains of the fallen is intellect. This is used to replace by technologies, those attributes once held. All technologies are as a mimick of all that is freely given, to those whose hearts are in holy relationship. The DNA due to corruption has two strans remaining, while corruption adds a third to separate all that is not holy. The target of this initial separation was in the firmament, and in our time has now intensified into the energetic relm, not recognized due to this spiritual blindness. The science of scalar interferometry is not the same as ELF but one is used in collabotation with the other. Our people die for lack of this knowledge, once a common knowledge of the world in the last age, yet it cannot last without the spiritual foundation, and it ended in destruction, now returning in these last days. Technologies seperate by further lowering frequencies. Uncorrupted use as an example is the ark of the covenant, the most powerful frequency generator in existance. The plan of salvation is found not only in the new testiment of the King James bible, but also in the Torah. Those who keep his commandments cannot be given the mark. This judgement begins upon the abomination of desolation over 1,260 days which is the partition of Israel. The USA will likewise be parted (also by abuse of HAARP type energetics ) and the New Madrid fault will be one of many troubles of increasing intensity. Just before the enforcement of the mark, the tablets of the commandments will be seen by all the world. This is Gods testimony of his son. His blood is alive today, on the western side of the mercy seat. The ark was moved from Solomons temple to some twenty feet below the cross of Golgotha, some 600 years before Christ, during the fall of Jerusalem. Eight priests of the Sanhedren died in their attempt to enter the dig.

    The symbol for God is also the symbol for DNA. A language of perfection is given. This is the original pitographic Hebrew, using assigned musical notes to the letters to sing with repentent heart the songs of Moses like Deutoronomy 32 and Exodus 15 from the time of original temple worship. Praise him until the worship comes. Worship until the glory cloud comes. Stand ( if you can remain on your feet), in his glory cloud which is his love and the presence of the holy spirit.

    • Wow!. Much to think about. Please give me time to think about your comments and your blog.
      As you noted, what I have published or reblogged has kept me busy and I still have much going on.
      Bear with me. Ken.

  3. Lebohang says:

    RodAs the screen name ipiemls, and without any frothing at the mouth that some people have come to associate with anti-nuclear groups, let me just ask the obvious questions, why not put the research into solar/wind/tidal power instead of nuclear? I’m hearing some people say it can’t be done, but I’m having a hard time believing that. There isn’t enough energy in the Sun or the Ocean? We can split an atom, but we can’t harness the wind? And finally, would these alternate energy technologies be more advanced if they could have been used for weapons like nuclear? Reply

    • Sure, the research could, and should be done. Just because there is less money to be made in return – or is there?
      Free source energy should permit ample returns and profit for the distributors. I believe we should be doing this regardless. Diversity is good and potentially minimises monopolies.
      Part time peaking of output (not for tidal though) shouldn’t be a reason for not making some use of these ‘free’ energies.
      I imagine you are right about nuclear, which is only competitive after forgetting about the total set up waste disposal amd decommissioning costs.

  4. After 15 years in the energy industry, I can state with authority…THERE IS NO ENERGY CRISIS, so it has been created for us to have one. Industrial scale low density means like solar wind and ethanol are sheer stupidity for debt creation by govt subsidy and misdirection from truth. Forget getting any help from anyone & do it yourself or you will go without. There is only the need to share knowledge of the various means of generation for individual small scale off grid applications. The rolling blackouts will end in grid collapse. I guarantee that. The most common within reach of time & resources for the masses is small scale wind solar and hydrogen, a self perpetuating system completely independent of society. This system is on my blog The Blogathon Philabuster.

    • authorthat says:

      As for the carbon trading, that is the means by which our taxes are to increase for all basic needs of food, water, and energy. The order out of chaos modis operandi by which the Olympians of the adversary is used in every direction to take control. There are a large number of scientists and non scientists whose names are on the co2 cause for global warming scam, who are suing Al Gore while the handful of fools behind climategate are already caught. Climategate was about as subtle as the Federal reserve putting out it’s senior level executives out to pasture for the chopping block, throughout the global banking system. The owners of the central banking system are in a tactical withdrawl to the rear by including their sceams of structural consolidation and positioning of corporate entities. Once one understands their means in a particular industry, it’s easier to follow in any industry. Banking & the economy, tied to resources & war, tied to their control over the return of the ancient globalized earth scalar energetics…the most powerful weapon in existance, tied to the UN agenda 21, etc….

      Currently there are over 450 senior executives retiring or having legal action against them. This is in my opinion, just another sacrifice, like 9/11, made by the Olympians to thin out the ranks of those who have come to the end of their usefullness. An analogy to this financial corporatocracy tactic, is a burroughed female animal eating the carcus of it’s dead babies to prevent a preditor from discovering the nest by the scent of death.
      Eventually the Olympians who are of one mind to give their power over to the beast, will withdraw to their DUMB’s in several foreign lands to wait out the global multifaceted storm they have caused. They believe they will emerge to their new world order. What they will discover is the demonic world of the second death, as they are crushed by their own cities never to emerge at all. For them there will be no escape, since the ticket to the underground is eternally one way.
      I have been to the underground, and before even being initiated let alone offered a ticket, I backed out. So, I have been nieve enough to get myself into trouble at times in my life, but smart enough to get out of it. As an example, I experienced being temporarily in a jail cell for breaking a law, but I have also been armed on an aircraft escorting a prisoner to serve a long term sentence as well. Therefore I have been thoroughly investigated and known, but I am not seen as any kind of threat. It was a few years later as an entrepreneur that while attempting to develop a large multi million dollar resource project, that I was snapped back like a new recruit and had my butt handed to me without the silver platter. It took me years to discover some of the how and why of it all, and was a tremendous lesson of the power of these global elite. The world in general has no idea of the extent of their manipulations for power, or the depth of evil that these men are capable of.

  5. authorthat says:

    [Moved to “New World Order” ]

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