Smart meter denials and “the Good German Syndrome”

As a result of two articles I have written about smart meters, and my blog, I am being contacted by a number of people in Victoria who are having real health problems after a smart meter was installed close to their bedroom (see case below). In many cases the symptoms preceded their learning that a smart meter was installed, ruling out a nocebo effect. In my opinion this is an emerging major public crisis what will only continue to worsen while the ‘authorities’ continue to dance to the tune of those promoting the technology.

A recent news item from West Australia reports that the state government is considering an accelerated roll out of smart meters so that Western Power can “switch off household air-conditioners to relieve strain on the power grid”. In the WA promotional materials nothing is said of possible health issues. Will we see the same unmentionable health issues arising in WA as well?

How will ACEBR handle this emerging public crisis with its $5 million funding? Will they conduct unbiased sleep research with oversight as I have called for, or hand it over to its ‘debunking research group’?

Whatever the case the next few years promises to be a challenging time for ACEBR.

Perhaps its time for concerned communities too “take back their power” and get actively involved in research that directly affects them. See:

In the case below it is a disgrace that the people who are reporting significant health problems from smart meters have no one to turn to for help. The medical fraternity, politicians, health departments, the power utilities, etc. are all dancing to the tune of the piper. Perhaps some individuals in these organizations are also suffering – from a modern version of the “Good German Syndrome”, reluctant to object because it would adversely affect their careers?

Don Maisch


(Any blog comments, as requested by this person, will be sent on to her.)

I started my new job on 18 March 2013. On 19 March I went on to Business trip and return on Friday 22 March 2013. After the very first night sleeping in my bedroom I developed excruciating headache.

I am normally fit and healthy person and don’t like the medications, but the pain was unbearable, so I took 2 panadols, and an hour later another 2, and this was going on for more than 2 weeks. Then I got used to the pain.

I’ve also developed burning sensation in my eyes. I was taking the eye drops for the dry eye syndrome, it didn’t help either.

I was at my wits what’s going on with me, till my daughter ( I am a single mother) handled to me the mail which I missed since going on a business trip, and didn’t have energy to go through. In fact I just didn’t have energy at all. After work and during weekends I just could not function. I felt like a zombie. I thought maybe it’s my new job taking toll, but I am working in IT for almost 19 years and never felt that way before.

Going through the mail, I found the Note from Energy Safe Victoria that the smart meter been installed 19 March place of my bi-directional meter (which I paid for in 2009 after installing the Solar Panels)

Since then on I knew exactly where all my health issues are coming from.

And my journey to restore my health and replace or relocate the smart meter began…unsuccessfully

Read it all here.

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