Well, dreaming about it anyway.

Having acquired a couple of “starter” canvasses cheap from ALDI, an age-old desire to try painting might come to something.

Hopefully the old adages about living happily like “sing as if no-one can hear you”, dance as if no-one is looking” etc can include “paint as if no-one cares what it looks like”. I am a creative person, seem to be able to write sensibly and do things with my hands that work. Should be a bit of fun!


Trying to learn something first –

Bob Davies’ Free e-Book:


Acrylic Paint Colors to Start

Acrylic painting supplies shopping listPhoto © Marion Boddy-Evans

Don’t get seduced by all the paint colors available. Start with a few essential colors and get to know each looks and mixes. Buy a tube of these colors:
• naphthol red medium (Buy Direct) or cadmium red (Buy Direct)
• phthalo blue (Buy Direct)
• azo yellow medium (Buy Direct) or cadmium yellow (Buy Direct)
• burnt umber (Buy Direct)
• phthalo green (Buy Direct)
• titanium white (Buy Direct) and
• Payne’s grey (Buy Direct)

You don’t need black to darken colors or for shadows as mixtures of the other colors will give dark colors. I personally like cadmium red medium and cadmium yellow, but you must be careful not to get the paint on your skin as cadmium pigments are poisonous.
Best Acrylic Paint Brands
Artist’s Quality vs Student Paints

Paint Brushes

Art supplies for acrylic painting Filbert brushPhoto © Marion Boddy-Evans
Again, you don’t need handfuls of brushes in different sizes and shapes. With time you’ll develop a preference for a size of brush and shape, as well as type of hair. To start, I recommend two different sized filbert brushes, with stiff hairs. A filbert is a versatile brush shape that gives a range of brush strokes depending on how you’re holding it, from narrow to wide. A lot of my paintings are done with just one filbert.

Palette Knife

Palette KnifePhoto © Marion Boddy-Evans
If you use a palette knife rather than brush to mix paint colors together on your palette, you don’t end up wasting the paint that stays stuck in the brush. It’s also easier to mix colors together well. A palette knife can also be used to scrape paint off a canvas when things go wrong (if the paint hasn’t dried yet).

Moisture-Retaining Paint Palette

It’s convenient to have a bit of each paint color squeezed out of the tube onto a palette, ready to be picked up with a brush. Because acrylic paints dry fast, you need a moisture-retaining palette not a traditional wooden one. If you squeeze paint out on an ordinary palette, a lot of it will dry before you’ve used it.
How Does a Moisture-Retaining Acrylic Palette Work?

Moisture-Retaining Palettes for Acrylics

Painting Canvas

Canvas for painting with acrylicsPhoto © Marion Boddy-Evans
Buying canvas that’s already stretched and primed gives you more time for painting. Buy a few different sizes and shapes. Long and thin are great for landscapes.
Canvas: What You Need to Know

Water Container

You need a container for water for both rinsing your brush clean and for thinning the paint. An empty jam jar will do the trick, though I prefer a plastic container that won’t break if I drop it. You can buy all sorts of containers, including ones with holes along the edges for storing brushes that are drying.

Rags or Paper Towel

You’ll need something for wiping excess paint off a brush, and for getting most of the paint out before you wash it. I use a roll of paper towel, but an old shirt or sheet torn into rags also works. Avoid anything that’s got moisturizer or cleanser in it as you don’t want to be adding anything to your paint.

What You Need to Know About Color Theory for Painting

How to blend colours: how to blend colours

Paint Clouds, Mountains, and Trees – Art Tuition Video No.53 (

What am I doing?

the above-mentioned canvasses for beginners:



2 Responses to Painting

  1. jo says:

    ROTFL about your copyright issues wording in the footer. Copying and pasting someone’s content is a violation of their copyright plain and simple. It’s not fairuse. Acknowledgement is pointless; it doesn’t change the fact that a violation has been done..

    • It’s not that clear-cut. Most copied material used here is from articles inviting sharing.
      In this particular post, the material is more often than not commercial and providing a bit of free promotion to the author.
      Most authors or blogs specify approval of copying their material if due acknowledgment is given.
      I rarely forget to include this acknowledgment in the post itself, so the acknowledgement given in the footer is just meant to cover anywhere I have missed out on that courtesy.
      I guess I am broadly apologizing for the violations that do occur. Whether that is adequate or not is in the eyes of the beholder, or the originating author.
      I appreciate your comment, thanks.

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